Tournament of Wrestling's Greats

This tournament involves some of wrestling's greatest from the past and the present. When choosing the wrestlers involved and how they are seeded, the number of years in the business, the things they have accomplished in their career, and their popularity with the fans were all the things taken into consideration. 

Below are the tournament brackets. The wrestlers for the 4 sets of 16 were drawn at random and were then seeded. Each # 1 seed was predetermined and placed among each set of 16. The winner of Bracket # 1 will face the winner of Bracket # 2 to determine who is the best in wrestling. Cast your vote on the main page for the winner of each match listed. You will have 3 days to cast your vote. After that, the results of those matches will be posted and a new set of matches will be posted to vote on. 

Keep in mind that when you cast your vote, consider each wrestler in their prime. For example, just because Lou Thesz is deceased, doesn't mean he was not good enough in his prime to take a modern day wrestling great. Consider how Mr. Thesz was in his day and then cast your vote. If you have not heard of some of the wrestlers involved, PLEASE look them up on the internet and do a little research before you cast your vote. This will also help you learn more about wrestling's past greats. Have fun and let's find out who the fans believe to be the greatest wrestling entertainer of all time. 

(1) Hulk Hogan (1) Ric Flair
Vs. Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Vs.
(16) King Kong Bundy (16) Dynamite Kid


Flair Vs.
(8) Ultimate Warrior (8) Eddie Guerreo
Vs. Kane ________ Vs.
(9) Kane Eddie Guerreo (9) Arn Anderson
Vs. Angle Vs. Flair Vs.
(5) Kurt Angle (5) Jerry Lawler
Vs. Kurt Angle RVD Vs.
(12) Scott Steiner (12) RVD
Vs. Angle RVD Vs.
(4) Harley Race (4) Billy Graham
Vs. B. Backlund Owen Hart Vs.
(13) Bob Backlund (13) Owen Hart
(3) Shawn Michaels (3) Buddy Rogers
Vs. S. Michaels Sabu Vs.
(14) British Bulldog (14) Sabu
Vs. Michaels Savage Vs.
(6) Lou Thesz (6) Randy Savage
Vs. Lou Thesz Randy Savage Vs.
(11)Ted Dibiase (11) Larry Zbysko
Vs. HBK Vs.Jericho  Vs.
(7) Jimmy Snuka (7) Chris Jericho
Vs. J. Snuka C. Jericho Vs.
(10) Jesse Ventura (10) Roddy Piper
Vs. Undertaker Jericho Vs.
(2) Undertaker (2) Andre the Giant
Vs. Undertaker Andre the Giant Vs.
(15) Brian Pillman (15) Nikita Koloff
Bracket # 1 Final Match

Kurt Angle Vs. Shawn Michaels

Bracket # 1 Champion

Shawn Michaels


Bret Hart

Bracket # 2 Champion

Bracket # 2 Final Match

Bret Hart Vs. Steve Austin






Shawn Michaels

Greatest Wrestler of All Time



(1) Bret Hart (1) The Rock
Vs. Bret Hart The Rock Vs.
(16) Greg Valentine (16) Kerry Von Erich
Vs. B. Hart The Rock Vs.
(8) Ultimo Dragon (8) Goldberg
Vs. Curt Hennig Goldberg Vs.
(9) Curt Hennig (9) Nick Bockwinkle
Vs.  Hart Vs Rock Vs.
(5) Chris Benoit (5) Mick Foley
Vs. Chris Benoit M. Foley Vs.
(12) Tito Santana (12) Ivan Koloff
Vs. Benoit M. Foley Vs.
(4) Brock Lesnar (4) Ricky Steamboat
Vs. Brock Lesnar Ricky Steamboat Vs.
(13)Abdullah the Butcher (13) The Sheik
(3) Dusty Rhodes (3) Sting
Vs. D. Rhodes Sting Vs.
(14) Magnum TA (14) Rick Rude
Vs. Rhodes Sting Vs.
(6) Jeff Jarrett (6) Bruno Sammartino
Vs. Great Muta Sammartino Vs.

  (11) Great Muta

(11) Wahoo McDaniel
Vs.  HHH Vs. Austin Vs.
(7) Terry Funk (7) Killer Kowalski
Vs. Terry Funk K. Nash Vs.
(10) Big Show (10) Kevin Nash
Vs. Triple H Austin Vs.
(2) Triple H (2) Steve Austin
Vs. Triple H Austin Vs.

    (15) Cowboy Bob Orton

(15) Yokozuna