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August 12,2006--Pre SummerSlam Thoughts, DX, and ECW

Fall of 2005--Where are the Great Tag Teams?

April 24, 2003--WWE Looking For Feedback

April 14, 2003--Stone Cold Tragedy

March 17, 2003--Will Booker T Be The Sucka?

February 24, 2003--The People's Heel

February 10. 2003--Mission Statement For Internet Wrestling

February 1, 2003--A Child Without Wrestling

January 18, 2003--Bob Holly's Point, Dislike For The Rock, and More...

January 12, 2003--Austin's Return??

December 21, 2002--Rumble Thoughts, Flair Reborn, and More...

December 8, 2002--An Easy Game

November 28, 2002--Where The Spotlight Should Shine

November 14, 2002--Austin + Absence = Relief

November 3, 2002--Steiner, HBK, Tag Belts, and Much More..

October 20, 2002--Magnum T.A.'s Tragedy

October 7, 2002--The Next 20 Years

September 18, 2002--R-V-D (Rob Very Deserving)

August 21, 2002--The X Division is Gaining Everyone's Attention

August 8, 2002--Reason For Criticism 

July 31.2002--Wrestling's Positive Aspects

July 17, 2002--Wrestling Critics and Other Cranium Thoughts

June 26, 2002--Praise the Wrestlers; Boo the Writers

June 20, 2002--Why is X-Pac Still Around?

June 12, 2002--As the wrestling world turns

May 22, 2002--Has Stone Cold become too predictable?

May 8, 2002--Vince McMahon's Monopoly

May 1, 2002--The XWF is a chance to have variety

April 24, 2002--Closet Wrestling fans

April 7, 2002---Brock Who?

March 20, 2002---What happens now?

March 13, 2002---Wrestlemania X8: Who will win and why

March 6, 2002---Bring back matches from the past

February 27, 2002---Where have all the masked men gone?

February 20, 2002---Has the hardcore title gone soft?

February 13, 2002---Should The Undertaker R.I.P.?

February 6, 2002---My views on the IC title picture

January 30, 2002---My take on the roster split

January 21, 2002---The Royal Letdown

January 17, 2002---Take a swing before the Rumble

January 11, 2002---What about Kane?

January 6, 2002---Time to swing at a new year

December 24, 2001---Injuries in wrestling

December 14, 2001---Dirty deeds in the WWF?