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I love to get feedback from my readers. Each week, I receive many emails from readers giving their thoughts and opinions about my topics. As a tribute to the readers of "Chair Shots to the Cranium", I have developed this section so that everyone can read what these wonderful fans had to say. Please free to send feedback to


shadyrvd writes: (Stone Cold Tragedy Column)

I agree with the fact that Y2J is under pushed and I feel that his match with HBK at 'mania was the best match that night.  I was torn however because I like Jericho but I also like HBK.  HBK is the best wrestler of all time in my opinion. However:  Y2J,  Kane,  and RVD aren't far behind. Keep up the great columns!!

Ian writes: (Stone Cold Tragedy Column)

Perfectly said on Steve Williams. I would never fault his dedication to the ring, but like you said, I will always stand by my belief that if he wanted time off he should have asked for it, rather than just walking off and then hitting his wife. If Vince is a good boss, then like most good bosses they realize when someone needs time out. As for Chris Jericho, I have always been a big fan of his. He has charisma, wrestling ability, mic skills, for me he is just a slightly interferer version of The Rock. But I do think Chris Jericho was actually born to be a face rather than a heel. I've never liked his heel character much, I loved his face character. I also hope he gets the push he deserves.

Tony writes: (Stone Cold Tragedy Column)

I just read your article on Steve Williams and I couldn't agree more.  Yes he was predictable especially when he jumped into the spotlight, yes he was wrong for leaving the WWE for personal reasons, and yes I don't think I will miss him as much as I think I will.  But you hit the nail right on the head when you said that he was one of the most dedicated men professional wrestling has ever seen. I loved this article!!

WiSh7228 writes: (Stone Cold Tragedy Column)

I so agree with the Jericho remark. He is one of the greatest the WWE has right now. I think Benoit is great as well. I hope if they ever to decide to bring the two of them back together it will be in a Benoit/Jericho main event at Wrestlemania. I feel that might be the greatest match we have ever saw.

Mary writes: (Stone Cold Tragedy Column)

Call me a cynic but it just seems funny - Austin was all ready to come back when WWE signs Goldberg and the Austin says "ouch my neck hurts. I have to go home".  I will just wait this one out and watch and see how it plays out.


Big Doggie Daddy writes:

Again, you hit the nail on the head. The reason X-Pac is so good is because he is so bad ! His job is to be the ultimate heel and he goes out and does it weekly ! People complain about his limited wrestling skills but that never hurt Hogan or the Rock ! Great column always

Matt587435 writes:

X-pac does suck for the most part.  But i think that comes from him thinking he is a main eventer.........He is a good cruiserwieght, but not a big time wrestler.......I would like to see X-pac put on the Smackdown roster and have to wrestle the Hurricane and Kidman and other wrestlers with same styles.

Ilanwoll writes:

While I enjoy your columns in general, I have to disagree with you on X-Pac.......X-Pac is a natural heel........Having him develop a better list of moves would be nice, he should be using more technical moves and developing a smoother style, but that's tough for all but the best in the WWE, and that will hold him from the top echelon. I would like to see them move his character a new direction, but have no idea where.

bigunit writes:

Your right, X-Pac doesn't contribute anything to wrestling......X-Pac is just another type of wrestler.

engies2001 writes:

He comes across as a punk because that his gimmick.....I think they need to put him against opponents similar to his size instead of making him sell most of the matches in tag matches & big man matches where all basically is dominated all the time.........If X-Pac is used correctly he would be over.

hjo writes: 

Thank god some one else is saying it! Austin is a great mic worker but he is being held back by the whole what thing.......I thought the heel Austin was some of the best stuff on wwf tv in 4 or 5 years. When he hugged Vince it spat n the face of everything he had stood for, but also he had this really intense look in his eyes that made you still question why he was doing it. Plus the Austin, Angle and Vince skits were halarious.....Your column rules

sbretti writes:

We like to call him here in lowly Western Australia, Stone Crap!!!.......he needs to work on his in ring wrestling.  Once upon a time he could actually hold a wrestling match.  With suplexes and reversals.  Not just the slack crap we see him do today. I am not a big fan of his and never will be.

KCharles writes:

Stone Cold is a good performer, but he does need to re-invent himself. He's getting up in age, and his in ring ability has been questionable to me lately.

wolfpac_24 writes:

I agree that the WWF (I refuse to accept WWE) needs to overhaul Stone Cold's character. Unfortunately, the WWF likes change about as much as they like a government investigation on steroid use.

getmeoutofhere2001 writes:

I agree with you 100%. Stone Cold needs a new gimmick. When he was a heel, I enjoyed it because it was something new for him. But it didn't last long. Now that What? crap is getting on my nerves.....I think Steve Austin should turn heel again or try something new because his style is really getting old.

Jazz1025 writes:

I really enjoyed the column on the XWF. I am very interested in them and I have been to their web site many times.....Thanks for the great column... keep up the good work.

lynda.craig2 writes:

I'd like to thank you for the column. I enjoy reading about the XWF.  hope they make it to television and pay-per-view just like the WWF. Keep me updated with their progress.

jaforigho writes:

I just read your latest column on the XWF. As usual, you delivered another fantastic column!.......From what I read in your column and from what I have seen and heard on radio and the internet, the XWF sounds really exciting!........I certainly wish them all the best and much success!

dukebluenyk writes:

I read your last article about the "closet Wrestling fans". I really liked it. Keep up the wonderful work.

TWhalon85 writes: ("Closet Wrestling Fans" column)

I am one of those people and I am planning on keeping it a secret no longer. Thank you!

dolphinfan1326 writes:

Just wanted to say I read your column about closeted wrestling fans and I agree with you totally. People who can't or won't admit they love wrestling are scared. It's time for all the closet wrestling fans to come out. 

Ilumina911 writes: ("Closet Wrestling Fans" column)

Hey man, your column was great! It really speaks of all of the benefits and thrills that are associated with this great form of entertainment, and it hit close to home, as I have to deal with constant ridicule from those who aren't wrestling marks. Well done!

akrongold writes: ("Closet Wrestling Fans" column)

Great article man . . . an issue that I think every serious wrestling fan has struggled with at one point or another in their wrestling-watching career. Keep up the good stuff.

TigermaveX writes:

Your column about wrestling, and people not admitting they watch it was perfect. Now, instead of explaining myself to people over and over whenever they IM me saying wrestling is fake, I can direct them to this article.

abblode from England writes: ("Closet Wrestling Fans" column)

I read this column and liked it a lot. It made me feel even better as a wrestling fan.......I look forward to the day when people talk about wrestling as much as they do these other forms of entertainment.