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There Is A River
a novel by
Charlotte Miller

"...those who enjoy well-crafted popular fiction set in this era and locale have much to look forward to as the Sanders family enters the war years."

--from the Publishers Weekly review of Through A Glass, Darkly

Charlotte Miller takes readers on a journey into the past, to a home and a family close to our hearts, with the last book in her trilogy, There is a River. Following the phenomenal success of Through a Glass, Darkly and the first novel, Behold, This Dreamer, as well as a two-year-long tour across the Southeast, Miller continues to tell the story of Janson Sanders and his dream to buy back and keep the land once stolen from him.

Sanders-a part Cherokee, part white farmer with a will to survive-and his family, just as stubborn in their pride, have overcome the heartbreaks and the poverty life has given them and managed to make something for themselves. World War II takes sons, husbands, and brothers, leaving most women behind to raise and support what is left of their families alone. In this third and final novel, Janson is called to fight in WWII, leaving Elise and his family behind. Elise is forced to take a job in the local mill. When Janson is wounded and sent home, unable to provide for his family, it is Elise and her new-found independence and their eldest son, Henry, that hold the family together. But as conditions improve for Janson and Elise, old enemies, such as Buddy Eason, re-surface, determined to do them harm. A story that spans three generations, There is a River concludes the Sanders family saga.

Miller's first novel Behold, This Dreamer received the praise of several well-known novelists, including Melinda Haynes and Sena Jeter Naslund. Her second novel, Through a Glass, Darkly, also received praise from sources like Publisher's Weekly. Author Robert Inman called the novel ". . . a triumph of storytelling. . . a triumph of the human spirit." Former Alabama Poet Laureate, Helen Blackshear, says "Charlotte Miller knows her people, the poor white farmers of rural north Alabama."

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There Is A River

Advance Praise for There Is A River

"In There Is a River, the conclusion to the trilogy that includes Behold, This Dreamer and Through a Glass, Darkly, Charlotte Miller renders a portion of our Southern experience with delicacy, accuracy, and above all love, rescuing its inhabitants from a dusty obscurity. Miller creates real people with real lives; more importantly, she makes us believe in them every inch of the way. She is a born writer and I for one look forward to every book she will pen during what I am sure will be a very prolific lifetime."-- Rosemary Daniell, author of Confessions of a (Female) Chauvinist, Fatal Flowers: On Sin, Sex and Suicide in the Deep South, and The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself: Writing and Living the Zona Rosa Way

"This third book in the Janson Sanders trilogy is Charlotte Miller's best, and that's saying a lot, because the first two were fine pieces of storytelling. There Is A River brings the story home in a compelling, page-turning way with characters who have by now become good friends. You ache, agonize, cry, laugh and cheer for these folks. And finally, you see how love and sheer determination make us all glad we're human."-- Robert Inman, author of Captain Saturday, Coming Home: Life, Love, and All Things Southern, and Dairy Queen Days.

"Charlotte Miller concludes her trilogy with a bold and complex story that spans three generations. Personal histories intertwine to form a basketweave of rich, lively detail."--Judy Goldman, author of The Slow Way Back

"Charlotte Miller is the essence of modern Southern Literature. She has woven her heritage into a stunning trilogy, the latest book of which, There is a River, is a passionate story of loss and recovery. It exemplifies a Southerner's deep commitment to place and language."--Edward Swift, author of Miss Spellbinder's Point of View, A Place With Promise, My Grandfather's Finger, and Splendora.

"Charlotte Miller's vibrant characters and colorful scenery draw you in and hold on tight, captivating and making you yearn for more long after turning the final page. A terrific book and wonderful trilogy."--Vicki Allen, author of The Return, For Molly, and The Search for Shannon.

There Is A River will be available in hardcover at fine bookstores everywhere on the publication date, September 20, 2002, ISBN: 1-58838-090-4. Due to audience demand, special "sneak preview copies" of There Is A River will be available in early August, 2002, at Lemuria in Jackson, Mississippi, and Malaprop's Bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina only (read the press release). Charlotte will be doing a booksigning and writer's workshop at Malaprop's Bookstore on Saturday, August 10, and doing a booksigning at Lemuria on Saturday, August 24. For more information on these and other events on Charlotte's booksigning schedule, see the Upcoming Book Signings and Appearances Schedule.

The Trilogy:

Through A Glass, Darkly is the second volume in a best-selling trilogy of novels that span the time period from the 1920's to the present, and that follow the development of the South from the cotton era to the South of today:

Behold, This Dreamer

October 2000, NewSouth Books

Through a Glass, Darkly

September 2001, NewSouth Books

There is a River
Coming September 2002, from NewSouth Books

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