Useful/Interesting Pinball Links
Following are a few links to pinball related sites that I find useful or interesting. I know that I've left quite a few great sites off. It's "heck" getting old.

    Internet Pinball Database - A vast compendium of images and other info about pins
    Pinball Expo - Home page of Annual Chicago Pinball extravaganza!

    Pop Bumper - Nice site operated by Rob Craig. Compares Gottlieb System 1 replacement MPUs
    Pinball Abbreviations - Look up all those crazy game abbreviations they use on RGP.
    More Pinball Abbreviations - Courtesy of!
    Pinball News - Martin Ayub's labor of love...good reading.

    PinWiki - The NEW place to go for Pinball Guides
    the Faces of RGP - maintained by fellow RGP'er and CARGPB #10, Steve Kulpa
    Steve Kulpa's Pinball Page - a collection of very useful information for Bally and Gottlieb repair
    Tim Arnold's "47 Things You Need to Know About Your Pinball Machine" - Must read for newbies!
    Clay's Repair Guides for a wide array of games - Know also as Marvin3m ... Probably the best compendium of repair info anywhere!
    Kirb's Page - Another great System 80 repair site.
    Leon's Page - Leon is the king of testing all kinds of systems. - Gottlieb repair tips from John Robertson, one of the best.
    Coil Resistance Table - Courtesy of John Robertson.
    Coil Cross Reference - Courtesy of the Pinball Medic.
    Custom Instruction and Free Play Cards - Courtesy of the Pinball Rebel.
    Bang for the Buck Pins - Kind of an interesting listing of eBay pinball related auctions.
    Balls of Steel - Scans of Playfield Plastics
    Resistor Conversion tool - Converts color bands to resistor value
    Whoa Nelly! Big Juicy Melons project - A modern collaboration between Greg Freres and Dennis Nordman. Very cool!
    Add a real knocker to your Stern game - Posted by John...Thanks!
    Aeneas Verhe's site - Our pinhead friend from across the pond in Belgium. Lot's of info. Mmmmm....Belgian style ale...Mmmmmm.

  Pinball on the "Radio" (actually a WebCast)
    TOPCast - Norm and Shaggy's webcast.
    TalkPinball - LTG and Jesse's webcast.
    Silverball Podcast - Rob Craig and Steve Rothschild's Tour de Force on Pinball, Music, whatever...

  Acquiring Games and Parts
    Mr. Pinball - Owner registry, parts, and machine classified ads
    Keller Pinball Restoration - Operated by Chad Keller, the top pinball restorer in the business.
    Top Score Gamerooms - Operated by Troy North, quality restorations and a hell of a nice guy.

  Shows (in roughly chronological order)

    Pinburgh (PAPA-Pittsburgh)  March 18-20  PAPA HQ, Pittsburgh, PA

    Texas Pinball Festival

 March 25-27, 2011

 Grapevine, TX

    Midwest Gaming Classic  March 26-27, 2011  Brookfield, WI

    Ohio Pinball Show

 April 1-2, 2011

 Cuyhoga Falls, OH

    Pinball Circus @ SS Billiards  April 2-3, 2011  Hopkins, MN
    Rochester Gameroom Show  TBD, 2011  Rochester, NY

    Pinball at the Zoo

 April 15-16, 2011

 Kalamazoo, MI

    Rocky Mountain Pinball Show

 April 29-May 1, 2011

 Denver, CO


 May 13-15, 2011

 Dixon, CA

    Allentown Pinfest

 May 20-22, 2011

 Allentown, PA

    Northwest Pinball Show

 June 3-5, 2011

 Seattle, WA

    California Extreme

 July 9-10, 2011

 Santa Clara, CA

    PAPA-14 World Championship  August 11-14, 2011  PAPA HQ, Pittsburgh, PA

    Pacific Pinball Exposition

 September 23-25, 2011

 San Rafael, CA

    White Rose (York) Show

 October 7-8, 2011

 York, PA

    Pinball Expo

 October 19-23, 2011

 Chicago, IL

  Parts Sources
    The Pinball Resource - aka PBResource operated by Steve Young. Great guy. Probably has the part you need!
    Great Plains Electronics - Ed is one of the best guys in pinball. Stocks many electronic parts. Great price. Fast delivery.
    Pinball Life - Quite a selection of parts. Terry is another of the good guys.
    Orbit Pinball - Run by nice guy Frank Gant. Need protectors? Need fender washers...Orbit is the place to go!
    Cliffy's Protectors - No modern game should be without Cliffy's fabulous protectors!
    Glare Guards (aka Wrong Crowd Productions, formerly Zoned Out Pins) - Inventive as all get out, Kim Mitchell has a great idea!

    Action Pinball - A full service parts dealer. Run by nice guy Ray Johnson
    Bay Area Amusements - A full service parts dealer
    Big Daddy Enterprises - Another great source for electronic parts
    Classic Playfield Reproductions - Fantastic playfield and plastic repros! - 68xx series chips.
    For Amusement Only - Dave stocks a wide range of parts. Nice guy.
    Great Lakes Modular - Tony makes replacement trough boards that are outstanding! Nice guy.
    JT Amusements - Best Pinball Repair guy in the Harrisburg, PA area. Give Jim a call. Nice guy.
    Little Shop of Games - Some special parts. Run by Curly; another nice guy in the hobby!
    Mayfair Amusements - The place to go if you're looking for an NOS backglass
    Marco Specialties - A full service parts dealer
    Ni-Wumpf - Maker of very good Gottlieb System 1 and System 80 Replacement MPUs
    Pascal Janin's - Excellent Gottlieb System 1 Replacement Boards. EXCELLENT!
    Pinball Pal - Run by nice guy Mark Clayton.
    Pinbits - A great place for some specialty parts. Good source for AFM parts. - Selection of specialty parts and tools.
    Pinball - Need a ROM? He has it. Fast, friendly service!
    Ron & Nancy Webb Rescreened Gottlieb Backglasses - Very, very nice backglasses!
    Rottendog Amusements - Run by Jim Knight, a good seller and responsive seller.
    Shay Arcade Group - Reproduction backglasses. Also very nice!
    That Pinball Place - aka John Wart Jr's ROM service. Fast, friendly service! Nice guy. Just about any ROM you need.

    A few .wav files - Just a few sound bites from some of my favorites.
    Neons - No gameroom is complete without the sensuous glow of a few neons.
    A picture of my Pin Dolley, copied from a design by Rick Wingerter. Based on a $168 ATV jack purchased
    from Sam's. This thing is a REAL labor saver! If I ever have to use it on carpet, I'll put bigger wheels on it.
    My refurbished Hakko 470...picked up in June, 2011 from ePay (with help from my friend Jim Palson). It needed quite a bit of refurb.