It's time for some pinball! 

My Collection
(I have schematics for all of them, and would be willing to trade)
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If I did the counting correctly, there are 60 games listed. Holy cow...
Additional pics of my games are located here. Thanks John Wart Jr.!

    Solid State
        Black Hole
        Counterforce (acquired on 2/24/08) x 2
        Haunted House
        James Bond 007 (acquired on 7/12/08)
        Mars, God of War x 2
        Sinbad (acquired on 11/21/08)
        2001 (purchased from Jeff Kasten of MN at Expo 2008)
        "300" (I never get tired of Bowling themes)
        Atlantis (finally...finally, I found a nice Atlantis!)
        Bank-A-Ball (acquired on 6/20/08, 17 hour drive, 1155 miles, 194.88 in gas...Whew!)
        Big Indian (Played it in the game room at UMSL) x 2
        Bowling Queen (acquired on 10/26/07 at Pinball Expo)
        Centigrade 37 (My very first machine purchased, back in 1991)
        Central Park (acquired on 3/4/06 from the Sullivan Antique Mall) x (2nd one acquired on 8/1/07)
        Cowpoke (purchased from nice guy Russ "GoCatGo" at the Allentown show, 2008)
        El Dorado (acquired on 7/16/08 from a nice local family)
        Eye of the Tiger (acquired on 11/1/05, rough, but I'm acquiring parts for a complete restoration)
        Flipper Clown (acquired on 11/1/06, I plan to do a complete restore)
        Flipper Pool (acquired on 6/23/07 from "Wedgie" of Tennessee, nice guy)
        Hot Shot
        Jacks Open (acquired on 12/11/04, needs a bit of restoring...)
        Jumping Jack (Currently doing a total restore...this could take a while)
        Jungle (acquired on 6/9/07, also from Kim Mitchell)
        King Pin (acquired on 12/31/04, pretty good shape...needs a good shop job)
        Quick Draw (acquired on 6/9/07 from Kim Mitchell. Pin won 1st place at the 2007 Rocky Mountain Pinball Show)
        Fast Draw (to be shopped and sold)
        Rack-A-Ball (acquired on 2/2/05, needs a bit of restoring) x (2nd one acquired on 4/1/07)
        Royal Flush
        Royal Guard (acquired on 8/13/06, needs a bit of restoring)
        Sky Jump

Rack-A-Ball is the first pin I have memory of playing. It was located in an old country bar south of Beaufort, MO called "The Mill" but formally know as "Noser's Mill. The bar was run by an affable German immigrant named Hugo. It featured pickled hard-boiled eggs and pigs feet in jars at the bar, Sundrop soda, a big-ball bowler, various pins at various times (including Rack-A-Ball) and a pool table. It had a giant (5 feet long) taxidermied fish mounted near the front door that I never did know the species, liltingly smooth bass sounding speakers hung over the patio (usually playing a Johnny Cash song) and grist mill stone wheels at the sidewalk entrance. You could ramble down to the Bourbeuse River which was about 50 yards away to skip rocks and catch critters. I was about 8 years old. What a great place!

    Solid State
        FirePower (added on 12/3/05)
        High Speed (After hearing Steve Ritchie's story behind this game, and the great game play, it's a keeper)
        Twilight Zone (clear-coated playfield from Chad Keller...beautiful)
        Star Trek The Next Generation (in the shop-out queue)
        Funhouse! (Finally! Found a nice example right here in Missouri, acquired on 5/14/07) Rudy is in the house!
        Attack From Mars (Another big acquisition at the St. Louis Super Auction on 11/17/07)
        Hyperball (technically not a pin, but a really cool gun game, acquired on 4/23/08)
        WhiteWater (acquired from CL on 7/29/08...very nice condition)
        Terminator II (acquired on 11/16/08)
        Pharoah (a project)

    Solid State
        Strikes and Spares (just added on 1/20/10). Backglass is near mint!

    Solid State
        Dracula (acquired on 6/07/08...the old Dracula, not BSD)
        Meteor (acquired on 8/1/08) x 3
        Seawitch (another CL acquisition, fall of 2008)
        Orbitor 1 (on location at CP Pinball in S. Roxana, IL)

    Orbit Puck Bowler (acquired on 11/1/06, needs a bit of restoring)
    Coronado Big Ball Bowler (acquired on 2/2/08, needs some restoration but it's going to be fun!)
    Gold Crown Big Ball Bowler
    Playtime Big Ball Bowler

    Ice Cold Beer
    Upper Deck Pitch and Bat
    Atara Centipede upright vid (sorry pinheads...this was on I played back in the day)

Gone but not Forgotten
    Cleopatra (restored and sold to a nice family in St. Louis)
    The Getaway - High Speed II - Sold to a good home in Southern Indiana
    Super Soccer (sold to my I have visitation rights!)
    United Classic Shuffle Alley (sold to a nice family in Hillsboro)
    Williams FirePower (sold to my bud Mike Miller)

As you can see, I grew up playing Gottlieb machines in the 70's...and playing some Putt-Putt golf...