Pinball Vocabulary
Over the years, playing pinball with various friends and family members, quite a unique dialect has evolved. Some of these terms, I've heard before. Others I believe are original inventions. Weird maybe, but original.

Toe-Jam - A flipper to flipper save, just off the tips (like jamming your toe)
Flip-Flip - Two players splitting the game. One plays the left, one plays the right flipper(s)
Gup-Stup - A ball that drains quickly, right down the middle
Gold-Ball Gup-Stup - A ball shot at a target that bounces off that target and then rockets straight down the middle. i.e. as happens all to often in "Gold Ball". See: Internet PB Database Listing
Bats-and-Cats - The 4 drop targets at the top of "Dracula" (the old Dracula)
Heavy Horses - The 3 black horse drop targets on Gottlieb "Mustang" EM. We were Jethro Tull fans!