The Home Constructed Playfield Rotisserie
As many RGP members have noted, a playfield rotisserie is an indispensable tool when rehabbing your playfields.

Having missed out on the Donnie Barnes version, I finally got around to building one myself.

After reviewing the fine designs of fellow RGP members, I decided to copy Ed Cheung's design almost completely. Parts cost about $20 TOTAL at The Home Depot. I had the two saw horses around the house already. When not in use, just disassemble at the "unions" and stow the parts away.

I used "C" clamps to attached the playfield at the apron end. On this particular F-14 Tomcat playfield, I used 3 1.5" deck screws to screw into the back panel. Attaching any particular playfield to this rotisserie will probably vary depending on the characteristics of the playfield.

Here are the models created by fellow RGP members whose designs and ideas I'm indebted to ... Ed Cheung's (beaver), Dave Schulpius's, Sir Tiltsalot, PinballMike217, and the original Donnie Barnes version.