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Seniors, have you applied for the Amanda Hundt Memorial Scholarship? This award is only available to girls basketball or softball players. To be eligible you need to complete an application page found in the Student Services office. Ask Diane Silha for assistance if you have trouble locating the form. It should only take about 10 minutes for you to complete the page and return it to the Student Services office.

A little history - AJH Fan Forever!!

Amanda started coming to watch Central girls basketball when she was 7 years old. It immediately became her favorite winter activity, even surpassing going shopping at the mall! At one very fast paced game, Amanda offered some M&M s to her favorite player who was having an off night. When the team came out for the second half, that player nailed 5 three point shots in a row.
At the next game Amanda's favorite player drained her shots all night long. It did not take long for the treats to spread to the entire team and the victories piled up rapidly. A Central tradition was born.

From then on Amanda always treated the team to M&M s after every game she attended. Amanda became very close to that first group of players and even followed them to Madison where they came home with 2 silver balls. She always felt that she had played a small part in helping the team get to the State Championship games. Amanda stayed in touch with her adopted - Big Sisters - for the remainder of her life. When Amanda passed away in the fall of 2003 her family decided a scholarship for basketball players would be a unique way to honor her memory. Enough money was collected from family friends to create a perpetual scholarship through the Central Alumni Association. In this way, her - RELENTLESS SPIRIT - will live on forever.

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