Family History


My Father, URBANO CIRUCCI, arrived at Ellis Island, New York, with (My Grand Mother's) two cousins GIUSEPPE, and CARMELA GIULIANI, on December 17, 1898, aboard the S.S. Burgundia. Leaving his Mother, MARIA CONSOLATA IACCO , and Brother GUSTAVO CIRUCCI, in their hometown of Troia (fg) Italy, My  Father, were sponsored by a cousin, LEONARDO GIULIANI, of Brooklyn, NY. My Grand Father, Carlo Antonio Cirucci,  arrived in America on August 12, 1900, at the age of 55, onboard The Statendam, sponsored by my Father

According to my Mother,  her  Father GEORGE GAMMON,  who immigrated from England, died sometime after her birth (July 1888), and January 29, 1891, the date in which her Mother (KATHERINE KATIE  MEEHAN or WILSON GAMMON) relinquished custody of her and her Brother, to Saint Dominic's Orphanage, Brooklyn, NY. And, according to Saint Dominic's archives, my Grand mother gave her address as "Alms House".

My Mother, underwent surgery at Saint Catherine's Hospital, and was sent to a facility  at Monticello, New York, to recuperate.  This facility may have been Saint Joseph's, (Convent, a farm, children's camp, a boarding school and a Guest house) which was also run by the Sister's of Saint Dominic's, in Monticello, NY.

According to the Sister's Of Saint Dominic's records, my Mother and Uncle were released to their Mother, who listed an address of 165 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY, on February 1, 1892.  My Grand Mother KATIE GAMMON, who was now married to HENRY (possibly Heinrich) BLOOM, placed my Mother and Uncle back in the Orphanage a couple of years later (Date Unknown), when she felt her new husband was abusive towards the children.

According to my Mother, ANNIE GAMMON,  she was released to her Mother, when she was 13 years old. Her marriage was apparently arranged by my Grand Mother, and she married  my Father, on April 7, 1903, one (1) month prior to my Grand Mother's death on May 1, 1903. She is interned in Saint John's Cemetary, Queens Villiage, NY, under the name of Katie Bloom.

My Uncle GEORGE GAMMON, ran away from the Orphanage (Date Unknown) and did not return to the area of their last home (Hope Street) until about 1904.

About 1921, my Grand Father, returned to Troia, Italy, where he remained until his death at the age of 92 years.

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