Robert M. Skinner


1st Ward

Anton Olson

John Schwanke

2nd Ward

Wally Hollinger

Phil Amundson

3rd Ward

Richard Olson

Frank Cifaldi

4th Ward

Tom Goldsmith

Dale Knutson


Dennis Rockow

Police Chief

Bruce Carlson

Public Works Dir

Jeffrey Streeter

City Attorney

Peter VanSickle

City Judge

Kathryn Ault

Court Clerk

Carolyn Lindemann


Bowmar Appraisals



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City of Cumberland City Hall Office [City Logo]

1356 2nd Ave., PO Box 155, Barron County, Wisconsin 54829

#715.822-2752 /Fax #715.822.3799 /E-mail-†† Agenda

City Council meets the First Tuesday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m. Minutes

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