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Welcome fellow teachers!

In addition to the links below, you might also like to browse through the resources available for students (in general) and for my Advanced Sophomore English class in particular.

  • Michigan Teacher Network has resources, including lesson plans and activities, linked to each of the Michigan Standards and Benchmarks, as well as a variety of information on best practices.
  • The Webquest Page explains how to do Webquests as well as providing a list of links to well-done webquests.

Professional Links

Articles to make one think:

  • "Best Dentist" Analogy to NCLB-- a good summary of why teachers resent NCLB
  • Orson Scott Card spent two weeks editorializing why homework is bad -- and some of his arguments have merit. Challenge yourself to see if you're using homework for good or for evil by checking out the columns part 1 and part 2.