William S. Cottringer 
12531 SE 73rd Street, Newcastle, WA 98056 
Ph: (425) 652-8067 E-mail: bcottringer@pssp.net

  Career Objective:

To work in a progressive, challenging and quality work environment where I can apply and get rewarded for the many valuable interpersonal/communication and innovative management/leadership skills I have learned during my varied professional career.


 Security/corrections expert witness, interpersonal communication, strategic planning, management/leadership training, running a cost-effective organization/program, managing profitable P & L's, building effective employee teams, improving customer relations, conducting motivational staff training, writing clear and detailed policy and procedures manuals, conducting beneficial risk analysis/security audits, establishing superior work environments, opening new facilities seamlessly, operating multi-site facilities consistently, implementing beneficial quality control processes, conducting thorough and accurate investigations, managing change productively, conducting practical program evaluations, re-engineering organizations to maximum productivity and profit, performing effective counseling and psychological testing, electronic/computer security applications.

  Career Summary:

1990- present                                                                 Business Management

q 7-03 -Present: President, Puget Sound Security, Inc., 1800 112th Avenue NE Ste 210 W, Bellevue, WA 89004. (425) 454-5011.

Main duties: Managing all aspects of a large full-service private security company:  Business planning, budget control;  supervising all staff; sales and marketing; security guard, patrol, consulting and alarm monitoring/response units; contract control; public relations; serving on several professional and community boards.

q 5-00 -5-03: Human Resources Director, Boldt Brothers Building Maintenance, 1219 South Vandeventer Avenue, St. Louis, MO. (314) 531-2000 

Main duties: Administering all aspects of a large human resources department:  Monitoring budget; supervising HR staff; selecting, training & disciplining staff; administering employee benefits; monitoring w/c, unemployment and legal claims; maintaining computer & manual personnel records; developing policy and procedure/supervisory manuals; conducting supervisory training; assisting in payroll; responding to requests for information.

40-50 hrs./week. References: James Boldt, VP Operations, (314) 531-2000.   

q6/98-present: Security/Management Consultant, (Self-employed), Seattle, WA; Metropolis, IL; NSW, Australia; St. Louis, MO. 

Main duties: Developing/conducting staff training programs, writing personnel/policy and procedures manuals, consulting on organizational development issues, assessing corporate cultures and change readiness, implementing quality control processes, providing security/corrections expert witness testimony, teaching security management and psychology classes, conducting security audits, writing  management articles.

40-60 hrs./week. References: Glen Weller, (253) 535-4433; Frank Bracken, (402) 420-4028; Dan Wright, (253) 952-2100; Paul Dockendorff (360) 859-5402; Cliff Simonsen, (360) 387-0387; Tom Cary (425) 637-1010.  

q 11/96-5/98: VP/National Quality & Public Relations Manager, Puget Sound Security Patrol, 11103 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA, 98009, (425) 643-1300. Reason for leaving: Business cutback.

Main duties: Managed multiple branch offices, wrote personnel manual, performed public relations, developed supervisory training program, supervised personnel and collections, assisted in sales and marketing, implemented quality control measures, monitored contract control, improved customer relations, conducted security audits, served as legislative liaison, wrote and presented bids.

40-50 hrs./week. Supervisor: Jeff Kirby, CEO (425) 641-5894. 

q 1/90-10/96: District Manager, Wells Fargo Security Services (Omaha, Miami, Seattle), 6632 S. 191st Place, Suite E-107, Kent, WA 98032, (253) 872-2450 (office closed). Reason for leaving: Business merger.

Main duties: All CEO responsibilities for running a large branch operation of national security company: P & L, human resources management, sales and marketing, staff training, customer relations, contract control, audit compliance, bid preparation/presentation; conducted security audits, served as company legislative representative, business unit training manager, state security council president, national re-engineering committee member; served with the Washington Law Enforcement Executive Forum.

40-50 hrs./week. Supervisor: Sherman Currie, VP (retired), (800) 992-7200.

Major Accomplishments:

Grew a difficult security service industry 40% per year, maintained a 10-12% profit  level, lowered turnover 75%, retained 95% of client base and scored superior ratings on annual audits.

Successfully guided five companies through difficult organizational development issues.

Effectively marketed services and built a solid funding base for a multi-state mental health/social service non-profit organization; copyrighted the Right Model of Program Evaluation

Lead a statewide professional security organization in developing a model licensing law, exemplary training program and outstanding professional standards (Washington State Security Council).

Wrote a variety of  policy and procedures manuals, numerous management articles for professional journals and personal/professional development books.

Developed outstanding supervisory training programs and wrote supervisory manuals for several different organizations.

Served on re-engineering committee for Fortune 50 security company, implemented changes that helped stock prices rise significantly.

Graduated from the Northwest Law Enforcement Executive Command College, taught Effective Performance Management at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center, appointed to the Law Enforcement Executive Forum as a private security representative.

1971-74; 1979-89                                                                Criminal Justice Management

q 12/84-12/89: Associate Superintendent, Omaha Correctional Center, 2323 East Avenue "J," Omaha, NE, 68111, (402) 595-3964). Reason for leaving: Pursue private sector business opportunity.

Main duties: Second in charge of opening and administering a new medium security prison: Managed all department heads in areas of security, human resources, education, medical, safety, food service, unit management, recreation, religion, mental health, maintenance and records; chaired disciplinary and classification committees, coordinated accreditation and litigation, directed emergency preparedness team; acted as superintendent.

40 hrs./week. Supervisor: Karen Shortridge, Superintendent, (402) 595-3964; Nick Combs, (402) 451-1186. Yes, may contact. 

q 8/80-11/84:Superintendent,Barwon Regional Correctional Centre, 13-15 Gheringhap Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 3220, (011) 61-52-21688. Reason for leaving: Relocation back to the U.S.

Main duties: Administrator over a comprehensive regional community correctional center: Budget, human resources, treatment, education, residential staff supervision, court consultation and prosecution, facility maintenance, contract services, community liaison, program development and evaluation; managed all correctional program heads, acted in several higher positions in central office.

35 hrs./week. Supervisor: Danbeigh Richards, Director of Prisons, (011-03-61-698-6666). Yes, may contact. 

q1/73-1/75: Director, Detention and Rehabilitation Center, City Hall, Mayfield, KY, 42073, (502) 247-1981. Reason for leaving: LEAA grant expired.

Main duties:Program development and evaluation, facility operations, security supervision, personnel management, budget, police department and court consultation, community education.

40 hrs./week. Supervisor: City Council, (502) 247-1981. Yes, may contact. 

q 9/71-1/73: Assistant Supervisor for Treatment/Classification, Kentucky State Penitentiary, Route 2, Eddyville, KY, 42038 (502) 388-2211. Reason for leaving: Received graduate fellowship.

Main duties: Supervised casework staff, conducted psychological evaluations, provided group and individual counseling, directed orientation and assisted in classification and disciplinary committees; assisted in computerizing records system, conducted research, supervised special treatment units.

40 hrs./week. Supervisor: Jerry Wilson, Deputy Warden (retired), (502) 564-4726. Yes, may contact. 

q  6/62-11/65:  Security Police, U.S.A.F., Japan, Vietnam,. Honorable discharge.

Main duties:Law enforcement, investigations and security patrol, supervision.

q9/73-present: Part-time College Instructor, (five community colleges and two universities).

Main duties: Teaching college classes in psychology, sociology, criminal justice and security management.

Major Accomplishments:

Completed graduate research on correctional program and organizational effectiveness.

Opened three correctional facilities seamlessly, achieved superior accreditation scores in minimal opening time.

Pioneered early pre-release programming and unit management concepts, developed unique special treatment units.

Completed seven management training programs at the National Institute of Corrections; completed Court Prosecutor's Course and Institutional Management programs in Australia; Management Certification, State of Nebraska, Blanchard Situational Leadership, Covey Leadership Training and Zinger-Miller.

Given ministerial commendation for outstanding prison service in Victoria, Australia.

Performed law enforcement, corrections and security supervisory duties in U.S.A.F. in Japan and Vietnam.

1980-84; 1975-80                                                                                            Mental Health

q 9/80-9/84: Sport Psychologist (part-time), Geelong Fitness Centre, Ryrie Street, Geelong, Victoria 3220 Australia. Reason for Leaving: Return to the U.S.

Main duties: Psycholgical testing of athletes, consultation on sport psychology principles, motivation & relaxation training, counseling.

15-20 hrs./week. Supervisor: Mauri Raynor, President, Corporate-Recharge, 9 Surfside Crs., Pottsville Beach, NSW 2489, Australia, 61-026-676-4425, E-mail: Maurie@corporate-recharge.com.au   

q 1/75-7/80: Psychologist, Massac County Mental Health Center, PO Box 901, Metropolis, IL, 62960, (618) 524-9368. Reason for leaving: Pursue opportunity to work overseas.

Main duties: Helped supervise clinical staff, provided direct service in individual, group and family counseling, conducted psychological testing, performed community education, court/agency consultation, and emergency response; assisted in JCAH accreditation; member of inter-agency committee.

38 hrs./week. Supervisor: Dr. Curtis Atkinson (retired), (501) 972-4000. Yes, may contact.

Major Accomplishments:

Applied a variety of therapeutic interventions to effectively change behavior in difficult, resistive patient populations; refined interpersonal communication skills.

Coordinated successful accreditation for a comprehensive community mental health center, prison mental health program and non-profit social service agency.

Perfected skills in personality, intelligence, aptitude and career assessment testing.

Presented winning testimony as a mental health expert witness.

Delivered over 30 successful self-development workshops, wrote over 50 informative mental health articles and published a practical self-help book on success.

Applied useful psychological principles to help guide a professional football team in Australia from last place to first place in one season; worked with Olympic athletes who won medals.

Education & Training:


B.A., M.A., S.C.T. in Psychology/ Education from Murray State University, 1969/1971.

Ph.D.  Guidance & Counseling, Educational psychology; Organizational Psychology, Southern Illinois University; Columbia Pacific University (Australia).

CHS-III  Certification at level three in homeland security.

Numerous supervisory, management and leadership training programs (National Institute of Corrections (7), Blanchard-Hershey Situational Leadership, Zenger-Miller, Covey Leadership, etc.); sales management, marketing, human resources training seminars, institutional management, management certification (NE), computer security, gangs,modern access control systems, courtroom testimony, prosecutor's course, media relations, emergency preparedness, benchmarking/quality control, managing change, E-Myth Theory Training, Value Discipline of Market Leaders Seminar; CIA: Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.

  Major Publications:
A variety of Policy and Procedures Manuals and Supervisory Manuals/Training Programs for several different organizations (law enforcement, mental health, corrections, security, building maintenance), 1972-01.

Effective Performance Management, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center, 1992.

Security Officer Basic Training, Washington State Security Council, 1992.

Workplace Violence (video), Borg-Warner Protective Services, 1995.

Total Quality Communication, American Society of Industrial Security, 1996.

Over 75 articles on management/leadership and personal development, for Security Management, Executive Excellence, Services and other professional journals, 1985-2000.

Books: Re-Braining for 2000: Forgetting to Remember,  Honolulu, Hawaii, MJP Publishing, 1998.    Passwords to The Prosperity Zone:   Clues for Getting More by Doing Less, Austin, TX, Authorlink Press, 2000. You Can have Your Cheese and Eat It Too, Provo, UT, Executive Excellence Publishing, 2001.


  Larry Kelly, Recruitment Officer, Federal Bureau of Prisons (retired), 6101 Sleepy Hollow, Texarkana, TX 75501, (903) 838-8169. E-mail: lkelly@txk.net

  Cliff Simonsen, Author & President, Criminology Consultants International, Inc., 255 Camelot Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282, (360) 387-0387. E-mail: ccicliff@whidbey.net

  Glen Weller, President, Pierce County Security, Inc., 2002 East 99th Street, Tacoma, WA 98445, (253) 535-4433. E-mail: glen@pcswa.com

  Donald Moore, Management Consultant, 4930 211th St. SE, Bothell, WA, (425) 402-9492. E-mail: Ozziemoores@aol.com  

  Eugene Buss, VP Burns/Pinkerton, 110 Gallagher Road, Wayne, PA 19087, (610) 687-3044. E-mail: ebuss@burnsintl.com

  Bob Wohlgemuth, Business Owner, Guardianship Services Association, 41A S. Boulevard, Oak Park 60302, (708) 386-5398. E-Mail: rrwohlgemuth@aol.com E-Mail

  Paul Dockendorff, President, NW Security Services, 14824 Westminister Way N, Seattle, WA 98133 (360) 859-5402. E-mail: Paul@nwss.com

  Maurie Rayner, President, Corporate-Recharge, 9 Surfside Crs, Pottsville Beach, NSW 2489 Australia, 011-61-026  676-4425. E-mail: Maurie@corporate-recharge.com.au

Complete professional portfolio available upon request.

Published by: William S. Cottringer
Last Updated:  March 9, 2004