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"On Wednesday, March 13, when I visited him [Samuel Johnson], and confessed an excess of which I had very seldom been guilty; that I had spent a whole night in playing at cards and that I could not look back on it with satisfaction; instead of a harsh animadversion, he mildly said, 'Alas, Sir, on how few things can we look back with satisfaction.'"
- James Boswell, Life of Johnson 1013 (Oxford University Press, 3d rev. ed. 1970)




Ten Commandments of Sheepshead

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This page is devoted to sheepshead, a regional card game most popular in Wisconsin. If you do not play sheepshead, this page will not interest you - and, actually, even if you do play, it probably will not be all that exciting. The site contains a large glossary of sheepshead terms, descriptions of interesting plays, the Ten Commandments of Sheepshead, and discussion of variants of sheepshead. Any comments, criticisms, variants, suggestions for additional terms, etc., can be emailed to me at clarkowski@charter.net. If you are looking for a fifth for a game, I have to check with my wife, but I can probably make it.

Here is a site to explain the rules of the game, if you want it: www.sheepshead.org

Sheepsheaders in their native habitat, northern Wisconsin (Stanley, just east of Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls). The author is on the left. As I recall, the woman to my immediate left had just picked on three trump to a jack (and won). A valuable lesson: when someone has seen their husband to his grave, the thought of picking a little thin does not bother them.

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