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At the S.E.E.P. we are trying to reduce our impact on the earth. We realize that it seems crazy to think that one family can make a difference in how our society is affecting the earth, but what would happen if everyone recycled, everyone rode thier bikes when they could, everyone bought their food and clothes from companies that use sustainable and environmentally friendly methods?

Current Projects:

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Home Biodiesel Production - Biodiesel is a renewable fuel source that burns ultra-clean and works in any diesel car or truck with minimal or no modification. Our current setup can make up to 40 gallons at a time from used vegetable oil from restaurants, methanol, and potassium hydroxide. We'll be able to make fuel for our sweet '84 Mercedes Diesel Wagon for $1-$1.50 a gallon.

Update: as of 6/8/06, we've made 170 gallons of biodiesel and driven over 2500 miles!

Solar - We recently had solar panels on our roof, for about $25K, we'll cover the majority of our power usage. The system will pay for itself in 10-12 years and over 25 years will save an estimated 400 barrels of oil, reduce acid rain emissions by 1,479 lbs, and reduce greenhouse gas production by 280,113 lbs.

Sustainable Living - We're actively reducing our consumption of power (using low-energy and L.E.D. bulbs, insulating the hot tub(our luxurious but nasty little power vampire), reducing phantom power usage), fossil fuels (riding bikes to town, using the biodiesel-burning Mercedes as our primary car, keeping the thermostat set to 60 and wearing more clothes around the house), and recently planted a garden and composting setup. We're also supporting companies that produce their goods using responsible and sustainable methods such as organic farmers, companies using alternative energy sources and low-impact production such as Patagonia and Prana.

This is a continually evolving process of learning and change, feel free to ask about what we're doing and join in!