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What: Clint Slaughter and Laura Foreman's wedding

When: Sunday September 17, 2006, tentatively at 2pm

Where: On the Beach, Cayucos, CA, Reception at the Cayucos Veteran's Hall (Google Map)

Wedding Information/Developments

Wedding Messageboard - click here for the Google Group messageboard for our wedding. Email me if you need a Google Gmail account to sign up, basically this will be a place to share information, discuss trip and lodging plans and keep in touch.

Lodging/Transportation Page - This is our repository for lodging information. Please look through the options and book according to how much time you have to spend in the area and what type of experience you're looking for.


Friends and family email us lauradawnf@yahoo.com and clintslaughter@gmail.com for more info, we'll continue posting updates. Please send us up to date contact info with address, email and phone numbers.


Assuming you're invited, there are plenty of local places to stay, either in San Luis Obispo (where we are), Morro Bay, or Cayucos (20 minutes north of SLO). Vacation rentals at that time are generally either nightly or weekly and you should be able to pre-reserve or reserve a place now, but they'll start to get booked up as we move into spring. We are fortunate enough to live in a "vacation destination" and we'll be around the week before and after the wedding. Feel free to stay for a week and explore the area, we don't mind being tour guides but it will have to be flexible due to work schedules, wedding planning, etc. We currently have 3 cars in service (The Honda Element, the Volvo wagon, and the biodiesel-powered '84 Mercedes surf wagon, plus some kind-hearted neighbors, so with some juggling, we can transport some people). There's also an easily accessible train/bus/transit system that can get you from L.A. to San Francisco, to and around San Luis Obispo, to Morro Bay and Cayucos.

After the Wedding:

From Monday on, visitors may opt to stay near the ocean and enjoy cool and relaxing breezy beach days on the California coastline; or head a whole 20 minutes inland to the quaint-yet-hip downtown San Luis Obispo with it's famous Thurday night Farmer's Market, historical Mission, and trendy shopping. We have a few surfboards if people want to give it a shot, the waves are generally fairly small this time of year and on a glassy morning would be the perfect opportunity for all of you who wanted to try surfing but never got the chance. For the experienced surfers, bring your wetsuits! The water temp is in the 50's so I'd bring at least a 4/3 suit with booties. We have a 10', a 9'6", an 8' and a 6' "schlongboard" (homemade by neighbor, Stefan) to share and a few wetsuits to borrow as well. We're on having a BBQ (Clint's 3rd annual 30th B-day party) on Monday and probably do a group wine tour with a van on Tuesday. For those looking to make this into a "California Vacation": Hearst Castle or Santa Barbara are easy day trips from San Luis. Los Angeles, Monterey, Santa Cruz, or San Franscisco/Muir Woods would be great 1+ night trips. Or, you can reach Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, San Diego, Napa Valley, Joshua Tree, Mount Whitney and other destinations are 5-8 hour drives and would make great 2+ day touring trips around California.

Local Information:


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