A Piece of Old Struvenhütten

The Köster cottage has now become run down - built over 130 years ago

from a German newspaper article dated April 24, 1958
translated by Carole Schwinck Meyer

The original straw-roofed cottage belonging to the Struvenhütten Kösterei since the year 1826, according to farmer Willy Schumann-his mother was born Köster-has become run down due to old age. With it fades a piece of old Stuvenhütten.

On the old beam over the entrance beside the large planks stands the names deeply carved: Johann Köster-Cathrina Köster Anno 1826. The oak beam was to preserve the historical foundation of the building.

The farm place of Kösterei had the names of Johann Köster and his wife Catharina, born Steenbock. The farm place consisted originally of a straw-roofed, half-timber farmhouse combined with farm building, which was erected in 1816. Ten years later the old part of the cottage was built, which is now run down. The old farmhouse had previously been restored in 1914 to the current farmhouse and farm building. The farmer, August Schümann, the father of the current owner Willy Schümann, still used the 100 year0old beams of the first construction for the construction of the farm building. Today one can still see the covering on the large planks. The old part of the cottage was left standing in 1914. It was also will lived in.

But now it is to be torn down, because of the high cost for a repair.



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