Adele Schwinck's Sewing Class

This photo was taken about 1910. Adele Schwinck, Carl and Auguste's daughter, is pictured in the center. These women were involved in a three-week sewing class taught by Mrs. Neligh at the Jerman-Baumann Company in West Point. Dela wasn't able to finish the course. A sore on her finger developed into a felon. "I walked the floor nights because of the pain," she said. Another sore showed signs of becoming a felon, too. "A friend told me to put the finger in hot milk. I did and it killed the germs," she said. Since she was already a good seamstress, quitting the class early wasn't too upsetting. "Mrs. Neligh said I was best at putting in sleeves in the dresses," Dela noted. While at the store, the girls did alterations while not sewing on their own projects. And, apparently it wasn't all work. Dela and a friend flirted with the men across the street. While sitting on the second floor of the store, they would shine a mirror in the summer sun. The light would catch the attention of the men working across the street.







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