Sievers-Martens Families

by Glenn Sievers

Christian "Christ" F. Sievers was born on February 12, 1802. He was a brick maker by trade and owned and operated a brick yard. He married Christina Margaretta Doze who was born on April 1, 1801. They made their home in a little village located between the two towns of Preetz and Plön. This is quite near Kiel, in the province Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

This section of Germany was under Danish rule during the time their children were born. There is a little doubt as to the exact number of children born into the family, but the known number is eight, seven boys and one girl. The names of these children were Christian Jr., Hans, David, William, John, Christina, Henry, and Charles.
My grandfather, Charles, said that it was the custom at that time in that section that when there were eight sons in a family; the eighth son would have the King of Denmark for his godfather. My grandfather said that he being the eighth son in the Sievers family, he had the King of Denmark as his godfather when he was baptized in the Lutheran Church. Since I have record of the names of only seven boys, I have drawn the conclusion that in all probability one of the sons had died in infancy and therefore my grandfather would be the eighth son.

In April, 1857, the entire family except the two eldest boys migrated to America arriving here May 15, 1858, and going directly to Moline, Illinois, located about 12 miles west of Genesco and about eight miles east of Rock Island. Here they lived until about 1869, at which time they moved westward with a caravan made up chiefly of their children and their families.

The group moved quite slowly through Iowa, stopping from time to time to break son for farmers along the route. They arrived in Dodge County, Nebraska, in October, 1869. They spent the winter in the home of their son, Henry, in Ridgeley Township. In 1870 they went to make their home with their son, Charles, who had taken a homestead of 80 acres in the southeast quarter of section 20 in Pebble Township. Here they lived until their son's marriage in 1874. At this time they moved to the home of their daughter, Mrs. Hans Martens. Here they spent their declining years. Mrs. Sievers died on June 1, 1878, and Mr. Sievers died on December 31, 1888.

Dorothea Christina Sievers, born December 4, 1835, in Kleinkuren by Tretz, Germany, married Hans C. Martens, pictured on the right, in Germany on August 16, 1856, a year before coming to America with her parents. Hans was born in Preetz, Schleswig-Holstein, on June 20, 1828. After locating in Moline, Illinois, Hans worked in a coal mine for a time and later became a farmer. Hans and Dorothea were in the group that migrated to Nebraska in 1869.

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