CollakeSoftware is now Bitsum Technologies.


The ultimate in win32 executable compression!

Compress - Accelerate - Protect - Obfuscate - Encrypt - Trim - Extend - Enhance - Realign

PECompact is a next generation win32 executable packer. With plug-in CODECs, loaders (decompression stubs), and anti-virus software interoperability, PECompact is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate solution to executable packing. Using advanced LZMA technology and targeted data pre-processing, PECompact compresses most win32 executables tighter than any modern general-purpose data compression algorithm and tighter than other mainstream win32 exe compressors.

We are proud to announce that PECompact is also the first executable compressor that is 100% compatible with software and hardware based DEP, XP SP2, and .NET 2003 SEH protections.

We invite you to compare PECompact to its competitors so that you appreciate just how much work went into the creation of PECompact. The win32 executable packer genre is a very competitive market. To be at the top of it was no easy accomplishment and was the result of years of work and design.

If you enjoy PECompact, please tell your friends and associates about it. And, by all means, please purchase a license. However, if you are short on funds, we do offer the freeware license for only $9.95. Although this license is limited in that it only allows for distribution of compressed modules without charge (freeware), it is intended to allow to the casual developer and hobbyist a chance to use PECompact.