At The Computer Hospital customer satisfaction is job #1. Whether you have a single PC, Home Network or Office Lan we have the solutions you need. Listed below are some of the many things we do & if you dont see what your looking for just call or drop us an E-mail for a consultation.

We Support Worcesters Local Business. Help us keep your dollars local

Not happy with Windows 8? We can Help.

Been to another shop & arent happy with the results or the service? We fix other shops screw ups!!

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Great NEW Linux Video Zorin Linux 5.2 with Compiz

!!!!!!!!!!!!!Most Problems Fixed SAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

With your money getting tighter its more important than ever to keep your current PC going stronger longer. Let us show you how keep more of your money with our customized services. Instead of getting a new PC why not upgrade your current one with a new mother board, processor & memory for alot less.

NEW SERVICE!!!!!!! Do you have old Slides or Photo Negatives that you would like transferred to CD? Well The Computer Hospital can help you just bring your slides & negatives here & let us put them on CD for you.

Laptop Screen Repalcement!!! We can replace all makes & models of damaged laptop screens usually for under $150

Back to School Special!!!!!!! $20 off any service over $100 with student ID Welcome back to School Worcester Students.

What We Do .

1.) Computer Creation/Repair :We have been building & repairing computers for over 10 yrs to suit specific need. Including machines for personal use, small buisness & institutions

2.) Networking: Secured Wired, Wireless Home & Small Business networking that allows you to share files & printers. Also since wireless systems broadcast their signals everywhere including out to people you may not want to access your ISP (internet service provider) we will secure your network against others with wireless capabilities from getting into your network.

3.) Hardware, Software Upgrades & Installation: Whether it’s an internal or external device or a new software application, sometimes it’s not always as easy as it looks. Let us install it & have it up & running professionally.

4.) Data Retrieval: While things like Viruses, Trojans & other malicious programs come along & make your computer impossible to access. It still may be possible to retrieve your valuable data, like that important file you have been working on or a homework assignment.

5.) Confidentiality: Discretion is our #1 priority at The Computer Hospital. Your data will ALWAYS be safe & secure with us. After hours visits availiable for your office computer.

6.) Covert Surveillance: Do you suspect you have a cheating spouse or significant other? Or do you just want to monitor the kids on the internet? Discover passwords & other information you need to help you out in divorce cases or any other matter you may need specific information. You do have the right to know what people are doing on YOUR computers. I can also make it possible for you to monitor your home or office with security cameras from anywhere.

7.) Holiday's & Weekends: The Computer Hospital is open weekends & on ALL Holidays Except for X-mas Day , New Years Day & Halloween. I live right around the corner from the shop so if Im not there call & Ill be right there

8.) Alternative OS's & Software: We proudly support various versions of alternative programs that perform all sorts of fuctions. Ubuntu Linux, Mozilla's FireFox, Thunderbird & Sunbird as well as many other less expencive & totally compatable alternatives to Microsoft products

9.) Free Warrenty Service : If you have a new Notebook or Desktop that is still covered under the warrenty We will do all your leg work for you. I deal with computer companies on a daily basis & can help you expiediate your warrenty repairs. This is a free service for our customers.

The Computer Hospital DOES NOT support or condone Peer to Peer File Sharing (Limewire,Aries,Bear Share....)

Get Direct X 10 for XP Here Its in Russian but just next next next your way through it & it installs & works great

Click Here for your FREE docx to doc converter eventho it is supposed to be for MS Office it works great for Open Office users as well

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The Computer Hospital
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Having one the largest repairing stations in the area makes it easier to get you your computer back quickly


The Computer Hospital is now offering Linux as an alternative OS to all our clients. Discover the fun of a hassle free OS no more viruses or spyware ever again. Tons of free applications for just about any task also run most of your favorite windows apps in a trouble free environment. Move all your I tunes to & have more control then ever. come in for a free demo


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Here is another video on "Trusted Computing" & other issues.

Welcome Ashley & Phantom who are the latest additions to the Computer Hospital Staff

Ashley was recently adopted from the Spencer Cat Shelter &Phantom Came to us from The Worcester Rescue League

UPDATE!!! Due to space limitations Ashley is now residing at my home & is doing well if the shop ever moves to a larger location she will be returning. Phantom is no longer with us due to illnesses that I couldnt afford. However I was able to donate Phantom to the Vet College who said they would use him as a teaching tool & after he was well would be adopted out to a good home. We all wish Phantom well in his recovery & his new home.




Effective 4-01-2007. 1.) The Computer Hospital is NOT responsible for equipment left over night 2.) The Computer Hospital expects equipment to be picked up promptly Customers have 30 days from the date of compleation to pick up their equipment. You will recieve 1 call to inform you of project compleation & 1 weekly reminder for a total of 4 calls. After 30 days any equiment will be considered abandond & becomes property of The Computer Hospital