772nd Tank Battalion



Below are some pictures my grandfather had and passed on to me. The first section are picures of him. The second section are of the 772nd Tank Battalion. I have no idea who the members pictured are. I recieved information from former members of the 5AD that some of the pictures are a mixture of California, Tennessee and Indian Town Gap (if not some of the other training sites) . The pictures of the guys fording the stream were taken in Tennessee as was the picture of the Sherman M4. A couple of pictures with guys in heavy jackets were more than likely taken in Indian Town Gap, New York just prior to being shipped over. The rest were probably taken at Camp Cooke, CA, now Vanderberg AFB while they were still a part of the 34th Armored Regt, 5th AD during 1942 and early 42.

Pictures with any Information are at the bottom of this page.

If anyone recognizes who anyone is or where ta picture was taken please let me know.

Thank you

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The Following are pictures of my grandfather Sgt. Clifford B. Wolfe

Other pictures of the 772nd Tank Battalion


Maurice Kloefkow__________ Cpl. John Teabay _________Sgt. Alden T. Albrecht