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A new project of the Cool Coventry Club is the K.U.S.C.I. (Keep U.S. Cool Initiative) Coalition, a partnership to unite climate change projects nationwide. Membership is free, and organizations will be listed/linked on this page. In the coming months, the CCC will be creating a list serve (and hopefully phone conferences) for members to share ideas and resources, and the CCC will support organizations by publicizing their projects and resources here. However, as KUSCI Coalition Members, all participant organizations remain independent; the KUSCI program does not seek to merge other organizations with the Cool Coventry Club. Student groups are very welcome, so send us an email at to join!


Benefits of joining KUSCI include:


· the ability to network with other programs nationwide, spreading the word nationally and increasing your visibility/potential media opportunities


· receiving feedback and ideas from fellow KUSCI members.


· being able to name your organization as a “KUSCI Coalition Member,” adding credibility to start-up groups.


When you join KUSCI, all that we ask is that group leaders:


· participate in our list serve and (once they’re running) periodic (monthly or semi-monthly) phone conferences


· link the CCC/KUSCI website to your own project website, if you have one.


· Include a statement such as “This organization is part of the KUSCI Coalition. For more information, see [KUSCI website link]” on your site/printed materials.



Member Organizations (several more to come very shortly!)


The Cool Coventry Club (Connecticut)

           Colin J. Carlson, Director




The Catalog Canceling Challenge (Massachusetts)

           Ted Wells, 4th Grade Teacher




The Green Teens Club (North Carolina)

           Kristin Powers, Founder and President




Green Tunes With Jimmy (Massachusetts)

           Jimmy Miotto, Director



CT Youth Activist Network (Connecticut)

           Colin Bennett, Director




Elyria Recycles/The Battery Buddy Recycling Group (Ohio)

           Renee Hagerty, Coordinator/Originator/Spokesperson



Second Chance Toys (New Jersey)

           Shelly Lipton, Advisor







The Keep U.S. Cool Initiative -

A National Coalition