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The Cool Coventry Club

combating climate change in Coventry, Connecticut & beyond

Our Mission:

Global warming is one of the greatest problems facing modern society, but we can stop it. Every action taken against global warming will make a difference. The mission of the Cool Coventry Club is to make and keep Coventry, Connecticut a “cool” town. By reducing Coventry’s “carbon footprint,” we will help to stop global warming.

If all the cities of the world unite to keep cool, global warming will end.

About the Cool Coventry Club:


 The Cool Coventry Club was created in the fall of 2006 as a student service project to increase awareness of global warming issues and encourage people to reduce energy use. In March of 2007, the CCC won first place in the “Cool It Challenge,” a competition for Connecticut school projects that reduce global warming in their towns, thus demonstrating our motto: One person can make a difference – I can, and so can you. Since then, we’ve been encouraging Coventry residents, businesses and government, as well as other interested people near and far, to reduce their “carbon footprints.” As we have achieved many of our initial goals, we have added others, and we will continue to do so until our town, state and country are leaders in the global fight to protect our planet from human-caused climate change.

About Me:

I’m a graduate of Nutmeg Homeschool & the Stanford University OHS, and am currently a double degree (B.A., B. Sci.) honors student in environmental studies and ecology & environmental biology at the University of Connecticut. In 2006, I was a member of the first ever National Geographic Kids Expedition Team to the Galapagos Islands, inspiration for Darwin’s theories of evolution. In 2007 I was honored by Nestle USA as one of their “Very Best in Youth” for my efforts to make a difference in my community, and in 2008 I was named a “Local Hero” by the Connecticut Fund for the Environment, and received a Plum Grant Award from the Do Something Organization and a first place award in the International Young Eco-Hero competition sponsored by Action for Nature in 2008, as well as the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. I’ve served on the Steering Committee of the Connecticut Youth Activist Network, am a member of the Sierra Student Coalition, and eventually I hope to become a conservation biologist, working to save flora and fauna from global warming and other threats.

                          Colin, Director of the CCC

  These great organizations help young people help their communities.

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Text Box: What We Do, and Can Do for You: 
 Currently, the CCC is primarily involved in four activities: 

â   We are available for tabling events, at which we distribute free information about energy-saving products, programs, services and legislation, as well as “pledge rewards” for taking our free energy-reduction pledge. Everything at our resource table is free, though we occasionally hold drawings for donated goods/services, which help us cover our printing, transportation and other costs.
â We are available for presentations. The CCC director is especially happy to give free presentations to student groups about climate change and how to create their own climate service projects. In the past, we have also organized free public presentations with expert speakers about topics such as “green” cars, climate change & wildlife, and business energy use. We are happy to work with your school or organization to meet your needs.
â We currently have three CCC-created publications available. One is a trifold brochure that lists the many ways  households can reduce their energy use. The other is a bound booklet for elementary school students about climate change and what kids can do to reduce their carbon footprints, and the third is a teacher handbook on creating school climate campaigns. At this time we cannot offer hard copies of these materials  for free, but would be happy to supply your group with publications at cost; we are not looking to “turn a profit.” (The teacher manual can also be emailed.)
â We work with both individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints through our national pledge campaign and Business Action Plan campaign.

If you would like more information about our CCC publications, presentations, campaigns & resource table, check out our links above, or email us — we are happy to help!

In Coventry, Connecticut

  Be COOL: Switch to Green Power for Your Electric!


The companies below provide offsets so that you can purchase 50% or 100% of your electricity from renewable, non-polluting sources like wind and hydro energy. This costs only pennies more than regular electric prices, you keep your regular electric company, and can switch back to your old plan at any time if you aren’t happy. My family has already made the switch! (And no, we aren’t affiliated with these companies in any way.) If you don’t live in Connecticut, click on the 3rd link to find  clean energy distributors for your state (in the U.S.).








To sign up outside of Connecticut:

U.S. Dept. of Energy Green Power Network

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Are you part of an eco group, and want to connect with others? We’ve got a campaign for you, and it’s called the KEEP U.S. COOL INITIATIVE! If you run a climate campaign or related green organization and would like to join KUSCI, send us an email (keepcoventrycool@charter.net) and we’ll link your information on our KUSCI page. (Please link us, too.) This helps get the word out about everyone’s work, so we can increase our impact across the country. Student groups are welcome, so drop us a line!

New Link to KUSCI

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This was our new RECYCLING BIN, installed at Lisicke Beach in Coventry. We purchased and installed it for the town, and handled its maintenance for a year, when it mysteriously disappeared. We’re pretty sad (especially since it was really being used!), so if you’d like to contribute funds for us to install a new bin, please let us know…..

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BRAND NEW FOR 2010-11!! We’ve created a new TEACHER HANDBOOK on creating student climate campaigns, perfect for schools and student organizations, and we’d love to email  it to you for FREE!! Drop us a line at: keepcoventrycool@charter.net

             and we will send it out to you in a  jiffy!