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Home Work Assignment 11
Phil 106 – Critical Thinking      Name________________________________
Fall 2007       Section_______________________________
Instructor: Ray Darr     Date_________________________________



Restate the following arguments in standard hypothetical argument form.  Determine if the argument is valid or invalid. In the first space to the left of the syllogism place a “V” if the argument is valid or an “I” if the argument is invalid. In the second space place the corresponding letter that describes the relationship between the major premise and the minor premise.  If the conclusion doesn’t follow from the evidence presented place the letter “e” (non-sequitor) in the second space. (See list below)


a. minor premise affirms the antecedent
b. minor premise affirms the consequent

c. minor premise denies the antecedent
d. minor premise denies the consequente.
e. Non – sequitor
f. Uncertain relationship between the premises  


_____ _____1. If the car skidded on the ice, then the driver was drunk. We can conclude that the driver was drunk since the car skidded on the ice.




_____ _____2. If cigarette smoking is hazardous to your health, then cigarettes would not be marketed. I know cigarette smoking is not hazardous to your health because cigarettes are marketed.




_____ _____3. Unless the Supreme Court's decision about homosexuals is reversed, policemen will soon be under every bed. We can conclude, though, that policemen will not soon be under every bed because the

Supreme Court's decision will be reversed.





_____ _____4. If more radar traps were installed, highway speeding would be reduced greatly. Congress is about to pass in the legislature a bill authorizing more radar traps.  I believe that highway speeding will  be reduced.





_____ _____5. Only if earthquake preparedness in our area is improved drastically will many people not die in the “big one”.  At this time the "big one" will kill many people, so we may conclude that earthquake                 preparedness in our area is not being improved drastically.