Home Work Assignment 15
Phil 106 – Critical Thinking      Name________________________________
Fall 2007       Section_______________________________
Instructor: Ray Darr     Date_________________________________


______1.  Did you quit cutting classes since the last exam?



______2.  All the world’s troubles are due to sin.  Wars, inflation, and crime are caused by selfishness. Selfishness is disobedience to God.  All disobedience to God is sin. Therefore all these problems are sin. Hence if we don’t have sin then we won’t have troubles.

A.   Personal Attack( Ad Hominem)
B. Straw Man
C. Causal Oversimplification
D. Complex Question


______3.  Since the private can not prove, against the evidence of one accusing officer that he did not disobey, it must be assumed that he is guilt of disobedience as charged.

E. Composition

F. Circular Argument

G. Obfuscation


______4.  “Take it from me, Tommy Lasorda, (Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team )Ulrta Slim Fast will take the weight off

H. Testimonials

I.  Argument from ignorance

J.  Equivocation



______5.  The criticisms of the American diet that are made by vegetarians are ridiculous.  You can’t do construction work on a cup of yogurt and a handful of lentils.



______6.   “ Don’t give me all that stuff about the stiff competition at school.  All you have to do is study three hours a night and you’ll get good grades.”



______7.   Despite the insistent, denotative matter-of-factness at the surface of the presentation, the subject presentation of the book is connotatively organized around two distinct themes.  It is not conceptually invigorating nor aesthetically inspiring.



______8.  I wouldn’t accept the Senator’s views on the anti-pollution legislation he is proposing.  He’s been cheating on his wife.



______9. The people who have contributed most to this country have been progressive people.  Americans should support the Progressive party in the up coming elections.



______10. The garden must be beautiful because every plant in it is a perfect specimen.