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Home Work Assignment 9
Phil 106 – Critical Thinking      Name________________________________
Fall 2007       Section_______________________________
Instructor: Ray Darr     Date_________________________________




Restate the following arguments in standard categorical form.  Determine if the argument is valid or invalid. In the first space to the left of the syllogism place a “V” if the argument is valid or an “I” if the argument is invalid. In the second space place the corresponding letter that describes the reason the syllogism is invalid. (See list below)  If the syllogism is valid place the letter that corresponds to the statement “Syllogism satisfies all four rules.”


a. Fallacy of four terms

b. Undistributed middle term

c. Faulty exclusiond.
d. Illicit Distribution

e. Non – sequitor

f. Uncertain relationship between the categories

g. Syllogism satisfies all four rules


                  1.Only logic instructors are wise, because only Logic instructors know the facts and all those who don't know the facts are unable to be wise.




                  2.A few lazy students do not prepare for class.  Steve prepares for class.  We can conclude that Steve is not a lazy student.




                  3.Few instructors are free from financial worry.  Darr is an instructor.  Therefore Darr is not free from financial worry.




                  4.It is clear that some of Clinton’s arguments are deceptive, since all fallacies are deceptive and some of Clinton’s arguments are fallacies.




                  5.A few squirrels have gotten into our attic.  Since only mammals can be squirrels, it follows that some of the animals in our attic are warm blooded. (Note: This one is a little tricky –review enthymeme.)