Homework Assignments

These assignment are printer friendly . If your car has caught on fire or your dog has eaten your assignment please feel free to use these assignments as replacements.

If you have missed a homework assignment I will have them posted here on the website. I will post the answers to some of these
assignments. However once the answers have been posted I will no longer accept assignments as "Late". Please review the
homework policies as outlined in the course syllabus. Homework assignments can be downloaded from the link provided. It is
important to remember that some of the answers for your homework assignments are not found in the text. Class lectures comprise
an important portion of these assignments. It is your resposibility to make sure your class notes are kept current.




Assignment 1

gg Assignment 2

butt Assignment 3

butt Assignment 4

butt Assignment 5

butt Assignment 6

butt Assignment 7

butt Assignment 8

butt Assignment 9

butt Assignment 10

buttAssignment 11

butt Assignment 12

butt Assignment 13

butt Assignment 14

butt Special Homework Assignment 1- This assignment can be assigned at an time. Usually you will do this assignment prior to a quest lecturer or a candidate that is being reviewed for employment.

butt Special Homework Assignment 2