Midterm Project - Phil 106
Fall 2003

A few guidelines concerning the content of your midterm project

1. All projects should be bound in a folder. I would prefer if you used the
inexpensive paper folders (not a file folder) that have pockets in them.

2. There should be 10 separate entries in this project. These entries will consist of
subject matter that we have covered in this class. There should be 2 different
examples representing each of the chapters concerning chapters 9, 10 and 11 of
the text - Informal Fallacies of Language, Informal Fallacies of Relevance and
Informal fallacies of Evidence. The final four examples can be examples
representing any other topic that we have discussed or they may be drawn from
these chapters. You are required to identify the fallacy or topic you have chosen
and discuss the principle that you are illustrating.

3. Remember - presentation is very important. The examples that you provide
should be mounted neatly on an 81/2x11 paper. Photocopies of originals will be
accepted. All explanations must be legible (type written preferably).

Feel free to contact me concerning this project. Links to Internet sites will not be
accepted as examples. However they do provide a wealth of information. There
are many different sources from which you can gather these examples. Be

Good Luck- radar