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Today at CRMW:
16 Arrested In Peaceful Protest

Protesters being arrested outside Massey's Goals processing plant near Marsh Fork elementary school.

Sixteen people were arrested for their participation in a peaceful protest in Sundial, West Virginia today. Residents of the Coal River Valley are fighting for the very lives of their children, whose elementary school is under attack from the callous Mountaintop Removal mining operations of Massey Energy. Coal dust from a coal prep plant only 150 feet from the school enters through air intake vents, causing asthma and other respiratory problems, and coating everything with a toxic black powder.

Five local residents, including parents and grandparents of children attending the elementary school solemnly crossed a bridge onto Massey property, attempting to deliver a list of demands to officials, and were arrested. Then, in a beautiful act of solidarity, waves of supporters followed across the bridge with the same list of demands.

Visit Mountain Justice Summer for more info.

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