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Mountain Justice Summer comes and . . . STAYS!
In late 2004, CRMW joined with other groups and active individuals to plan and conduct Mountain Justice Summer 2005. MJS grew and made history, while critics’ predictions were proved false. From the expertise and support of MJS, we’ve met with Governor Manchin and his staff regarding Marsh Fork Elementary and we’ve seen the permit for Massey’s proposed second silo next to the school revoked. MJS was instrumental in the July 31 rally at the Capitol, where a crowd of over 400 told the West Virginia government to stop mountaintop removal.

Now we’re planning for MJS ‘06. This year, rather than having one large group that travels from state to state, staying for a month in each state, each region will host a smaller group for the entire summer. We hope to see MJS activists working in cities throughout the state as well as here in the hollers, with the groups organizing and working together, lending whatever expertise they have and whatever time they can spare to bring an end to MTR. We’re developing guides for potential MJS activists—cultural sensitivity, MTR 101, MJS history, etc—required reading for potential participants in WV. Learning from mistakes and building on successes, MJS ‘06 will be better and more effective in bringing an end to MTR.

Anyone who wants to participate, please let us know. Medics, paralegals, mechanics.

Visit MJS at www.mountainjusticesummer.org.


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