Woman Made Gallery, Forth International Open
Chicago, IL, 3/26-/01

Awarded the First Place

Forth International Open
Juror's Statement
Janet Bloch

Jurors come in all packages. Some of us are historians, critics or curators and some of us are artists. I found myself playing all these roles as I picked work for this exhibition, but ultimately i chose the work for this exhibit as an artist. My preference is for strong images - images that burn themselves on one's consciousness.

I am not fond of exhibitions that try to show something for everyone. When my artwork has not been selected for a show that has a decided point of view, it makes more sense to me, as an artist. It is my hope that this exhibition leaves the viewer with a strong sense of perspective.

Artists who investigate issues of personal identity with both passion and humor wowed me, and so I honored them with the awards. But all the works in this show are composed of vivid unforgettable imagery. They also seem to share an optimistic attitude and sense of wonder, which I feel proud to present as a juror.

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From Woman Made News, Spring 2001, Page 3, Woman Made Gallery.

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