Edition of my prints

Mixed Medium Hand Modified Mono Print

..... Working process: Once I get the idea for the piece, I will collect the images from books, magazines, etc, take images by the digital camera and scan them into the computer, or draw directly with PhotoShop paint program. After I have made the basic image for the piece, I print the image out onto the watercolor paper at a commercial printing place with an ink jet printer. And then I will apply gold and other metal leaf, sometimes chemical reaction is used to create textures and colors on the metal and this is followed by coloring and detail painting by hand with gouache, acrylics, India ink, colored pencils, etc. Therefore, I can print the same basic image again but the hand application of the gold and other metal leaf, chemical reactions, and painting will always be unique to the individual piece. That is why I call my piece a "Hand Modified Mono Print".

..... Edition of the prints: The pieces I created in 1998 have several editions. In 1998 I entered in various competitions and sometimes I have to exhibit the same piece at the same time but at different locations. Also a few pieces have been created in different sizes. I am trying to make the edition as closer as possible to the first/original piece. For example, when I make the edition of "Sightseeing at CA", I simply try to make the same image with the same finish. I will try to come up with the same color scheme as well as same texture of the metal leaf. Then I will call these edition as edition under the same title.

I have also created different variation of certain images such as "Cat and Woman", "Moon Landing", and "The Story of Veranda". I certainly considered them a different piece rather than an edition of the same piece. If I decided to change the texture of the metal leaf intentionally or introducing some other elements then I will call the piece with a different name as well. For example, "Story of Veranda" and "Story of Veranda -Nusumigiki". In this case, the basic image was almost the same but the size and some design of the use of metal leaf were different. On top of it, I added my face on the "Story of Veranda-Nusumigiki". Therefore, these two pieces are not the edition of each other.

The most recent series of prints, which the chemical reaction and detailing technique became more complex than earlier pieces, have been single edition. In the future, I might make a few editions but it will stay A FEW vs. several editions. Printing a basic image from the computer with the ink jet printer is simple but (very) costly. On top of it, hand modification of each piece is a great deal of work. I am not planning to make the edition of most recent series more than a few times unless needed for some special reasons such as an opportunity for the exhibition at a major art museums(!) and some fantastic occasions for presenting my artwork.


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