Exhibition Photo
"Living in Two Worlds" West Bend Art Museum, West Bend, WI, 4/23-6/1/03. ( Exhibited prints: Under the Rainbow, Journey Within -Donburakokko, Doctor Doctor, Story of Veranda-Nusumigiki, Cat & Woman, Plurarity, Happy Ho Ri De!, Sazaesan to shichinin no kobito, East Meets West, Yellow Bird Maruko in Wonderland, Samurai and Dragon, Sightseeing in CA, Maruko and Tea Party, Oishiidesuyo, Alice in Edo, .) ------ Photographed by the artist, C. R.
At the main current exhibition room
Smaller room with my artwork on the walls.

And Ki-Yong Bae's whimsical ceramic pieces.

Four out of five participated artists and gallery stuff.

From front left: Fujiko, Jean Agnes Chwae, Ki-Yong Bae, Doug Haynes, Exective Director Tom Lidtke, Assistant director Graeme Reid.
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