The World of Fujiko Isomura
Gold Leafing Class

UW-Madison Outreach Class Fall 2001

Gold leaf painting: a fascinating world

(6 Mondays, Sept. 17-Oct. 22, 2001, 7:15-9:15pm, 455 N Park St. Mdsn, WI.)
Lots of information and ideas about metal leafing in art are introduced and demonstrated in this six-week class. Learn ractical methods for applying and working with gold, silver and copper leaf and create your own art. The students use inexpensive imitation gold leaf (Dutch metal) unless students desire to use genuine gold leaf.

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Introduction to Modern Gold Leaf Painging Spring 2000 ... UW-Madison Outreach Program, WI 3/20-4/17/00 ... ( From left: Frances, Jenice, Kathy, and Laurie of seven students.)

Introduction to Modern Gold Leaf Painging Fall 2001 ... UW-Madison Outreach Program, WI ... ( One of my students is also a bee man at the Farmar's Market. Dale created a stamp of his bee mark and used the adhasive instead of stamping ink to create GOLD Bee stamped images!)
can be also arranged 
by student's request.
Left: Ms. Nivedita Gouthi 
from India, Octover 2000.
Beautiful work samples by Nivedita: (Please click the images to see the larger view.)

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