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Publicity for my first solo show at the Wisconsin Academy Gallery 2001
The Capital Times, Madison, WI, January 3, 2001
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1/19/01Read This Article
Wisconsin State Journal, SHOWCASE
Madison, WI, 12/31/01
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On Air 
( Wisconsin Public Television )

When we were installing the exhibition,
WHA crew came with the video shooting equipments
and shot my art works and me talking about my pieces.
It took more than one hour since I kept talking about 
myself and my artwork on and on and on...
I guess I was quite excited!!!
This segment was edited down to 2min and a half
and broadcasted on the TV twice later the months.
Yes I have a copy of it.  I am planning to put it into the TV
and take a picture of it showing the segment for this site.
(Well, I still haven't done it!  But I am still thinking about it! 1/1/02)
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WORT 89.9 FM 
Madison local radio station LIVE interview
Listener Sponsored Community radio, Madison, WI.
Program: Creative Agenda
Interviewer: Chris Bjorkland
Aired 7:30-8:00 pm, Tuesday, 1/9/01
Inteview Photo
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