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Joel Tabachnick
Joel Tabachnick is a sculptor in CA. This page features his whimsical hand crafted artwork at the ArtMecca site. (Unfortunately, this site seems closed...)Jun IshidaJun Ishida is a painter in NY. He says, "I want my audience to observe, be amused, wonder and enjoy my work resonate with my universe. "
Natasha Wozniak is a metal smith in NY. Her hand crafted jewelry work is so beautiful and exquisite.Natasha WozniakNatasha Wozniak is also a sculptor/painter in NY. Her artwork has focused on "Nepal's ancient artistic traditions, both in the use of the traditional lost wax technique and the inspiration drawn from the classical designs of Nepal."
David Tabachnick David Tabachnick is a photographer/scholar in Madison, WI. His photographs can be seen at the UW-Wisconsin Libraries AFRICA FOCUS database. (Please put "David" to the Keyword Search.) Also his research paper "Liberal Contracts, Relational Contracts and Common Property: Africa and the United States" was published at Land Tenure Center, UW-Madison.Phuong LuuPhuong Luu is a graphic artist/photographer in Madison, WI. His web site includes his art/graphic works and the collection of the ART web site links.
selected Japan Exchange Program Participants (2002):
Doug Haynes Doug Haynes is a watercolor painter in Madison, WI. He captures the light and culture into his beautiful paintings.Leslee NelsonLeslee Nelson's Quilts have complex history and stories behind. She teaches at UW-Madison. (This is a page from the Fairfield Public Gallery in Sturgeon Bay, WI.)
Virginia Huber Virginia Huber is a watercolor painter and an educator in Madison, WI. Her warm heart feeling paintings express the moment and atmosphere of the daily life sceneries and people.Lee Weiss is a watercolor painter in Madison, WI. Her artwork reflects the beauty of natural world...woods, water, fields, flowers... light, wind...
Katherine Steichen Rosing is a painter and an educator in Madison, WI. Her paintings examine the color, texture, and state of mind. They are very quiet but strong. The other site
Tamlyn Akins is a watercolor painter in Black Earth, WI.Peggy Flora Zalucha is a watercolor painter in Mt. Horeb, WI.
Metje Butler is a sculptor/photographer in Madison, WI. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)Lee Holt is a sculptor in Middleton, WI. (Linked to a 3rd party's art page)
Ben Barwick is a sculptor in Madison, WI.Audrey Lundquist Paesel is a painter in Madison, WI.
Theron Caldwell Ris is a painter in Waunakee, WI.Larry Welo is a printmaker in Blue Mounds, WI.
Manabu Takagishi is a painter in Saitama, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page) Yuji Kobayashi is a painter in Saitama, Japan.
Masao Yamauchi is a ceramist in Shizuoka, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)Taketune Kubota is a textilist in Nagano, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)
Minoru Ishihara is a textilist in Tokyo, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)Machiko Kitayama is a painter in Tokyo, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)
Ryoichi Musha is a sculptor in Nagano, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)Fumiko Nozaki is a textilist in Shiga, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)
Kazuyuki Terada is a painter in Saitama, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)Shizue Kido is a painter in Saitama, Japan. (Linked to the 3rd party's art page)
Japanese Sites:
Yuko Yoshikawa is a ceramist in Tokyo, Japan. She creates unique pieces about light and box out of her memory of days in Italy where she studied craft techniques. (Japanese Only)
Mitsuro SatoMitsuro Sato is a painter in Miyagi, Japan. His web site includes images of his very attractive paintings as well as photos of his studio showing the steps of his creation.Ukiyo-eMaki Hirotani created a wonderful site about Japanese culture. If you are interested in Ukiyo-e and Japanese culture, please visit this site for more information.
Tokyo Vegetarian Guide, OchokoK created this site for vegetarian in Tokyo. She writes and puts lots of information about the Japanese Vegetarian resources. (English Only)
OchocoKOchocoK, a Japanese freelance journalist, this is her personal web site. (Japanese Only)
HinataHinata, a very lovely Japanese flower and plants goods shop in Tokyo area operated by Ms. Satsukichi. She creates her original handmade wreath, bouquet, cards, objects, wedding decoration, etc. etc.. (Japanese Only)
The house of KURIThe House of KURI in Lisbon. Mrs. Kuri writes many interesting information and experience about the life in Lisbon, Portugal. (Japanese and Portuguese Only)
Art Sites:
Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Inc./Wisconsin Artists in All Media
Babele Art Links
Global Art Information Creditable daily news, information and competitions for the arts professional, world wide, ahead of time.
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