Polk County Courthouse

Restoration Project

The Polk County Courthouse was completed in 1859, four years after Polk was established as a permanent county.  The courthouse has been in continuous service ever since.  Restoration of the courthouse began in the summer of 1999 when Sossamon Construction Company began removal of the old flooring and other later additions.

The Courthouse had been remodeled in the 1920's and oak flooring was put over the original heart pine floors. Over the years offices were added and walls had to be built.  Many of these changes had to be removed so the Courthouse could be returned to the way it looked in the 1870's.  As the 1925 oak flooring was torn away,  mysteries began to unfold.

Often people ask why not restore the courthouse to 1859?  There are several reasons for choosing the later date.   Originally the courtroom was located on the first floor.  If the restoration went back to the 1850's, the courtroom would have to be returned to the first floor.

Follow this link to view the beautifully restored Polk County Courthouse.

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