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This web site is devoted to the descendants & ancestors of Paulser Whetsel & Sarah Dove. Paulser & Sarah lived, for a time, on Bays Mt., in Sullivan Co., TN . They raised 9 children: James H. Whetsel; Martha R. Whetsel; Mary E. (Marietta) Whetsel, wife of James Ledbetter; John Whetsel; Susan Elizabeth Whetsel, wife of James Rowland, and later, Adam Brown; Sarah M. Whetsel; Solomon Whetsel, who married Abigale Crawford; and Conard William Whetsel, who married Nannie Catherine Davis.

Sarah Dove's father, James Dove, was a veteran of the War of 1812. A monument stands at the grave site in Rockingham County, Virginia, honoring the service of James to his country. It can be seen at:

Paulser Whetsel & his family lived in a log cabin, on Bays Mountain, where they depended upon the land for their existence. The cabin in the photo above, was the home of the Ledbetter family. Paulser's daughter married the Rev. James Ledbetter. The cabin has been moved and restored by a Ledbetter descendant. The photo is used with permission of the photographer and the Ledbetter family. A map showing the cabins on Bays Mt. is at:

Paulser Whetsel's siser, Sarah (Sally) Wetzel/Whetsel, married Paulser Moyer. Sarah and Paulser Moyer's daughter, Catherine, married Captain James M. May, a Civil War soldier. Catherine and James May's son, Henry B. May, migrated from Virginia to Guatemala, where he was instrumental in the development of the Inter-continental railway. Henry Braxton May's descendants today, carry his name, Enrique (Henry) Braxton May.
For more information on the May family, go to "May" in the index.

Paulser was a descendant of Hans Martin (Martin) Wetzel and Maria Barbara Geist, who arrived in America, aboard the "Britannia," in 1731, from Preuschdorf, France. One of the sons of Martin Wetzel was John Wetzel, known as "Captain John." Captain John Wetzel & his sons were colorful, interesting characters from the days of the American frontier, the Indian uprisings, The American Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812. To learn more about these Wetzels, go to the INDEX, and click on: Captain John Wetzel; Jacob Wetzel; and Lewis Wetzel.

Martin Wetzel and his family were affiliated with the Lutheran Church, in Preuschdorf, and in Pennsylvania. For a picture of an 800 year old Lutheran Church in Preuschdorf, photographed by Donahue Bible, of Mohawk, Tennessee, in 1996, go to:

Paulser Whetsel was the son of Martin Wetzel and Catherine Shaver. Catherine Shaver's grandfather, Balthasar Schaeffer, came to America aboard the "Loyal Judith" in 1742. For a visual history, of the Shaeffer/Shaver family, illustrated by Joan Shaver-Hill, and with permission of the artist, go to:

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