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Name Balthasar (Palser) SHAVER
Birth 9 May 1752
Death 22 Sep 1831
Father Balthasar (Baltzer) SCHAEFFER (1714-1781)
Mother Anna Margaret SCHAEFFER (1726-)
1 Catherine UNKNOWN
Marriage abt 1779, Pennsylvania
Children Catherine (~1780-1853)
Abraham (~1783-1858)
Isaac (~1784-1828)
Jacob (1785-)
Regina Rachel (1787-<1873)
George B. (1790-1873)
Balser II (1792-1867)
Susannah (1796->1873)
Mary "Molise" (1795-1831)
Samuel Shaver (1807-)
Mary Molly (1808-)
Hannah (1810-)
Notes for Balthasar (Palser) SHAVER
The birth date for Palser Shaver comes from an image of Palser Shaver's tombstone, photographed by Joan Shaver-Hill. The writing appears to have been scratched into the stone, and the date of birth is not clear. Descendants think Palser Shaver was born earlier than 1759. To see a picture of Palser's marker, go to:

Palser left Pennsylvania, after the death of his father, Baltzer Shaver, in 1781, and the ending of the war. Palser, his pregnant wife, Catherine, and their daughter, left Pennsylvania, where land was expensive and scarce, and set out for the Shenandoah, which was now open for settlement. They placed all their belongings in a Conestoga wagon, and headed for the Shenandoah.

Palser and Catherine Shaver stopped in the German settlement in Loudon County, Virginia, long enough for Catherine to give birth to their first son, Abraham. It may have been in Loudoun Co. that Palser heard about the land available in an area known as "Little Germany," the western edge of the Brocks Gap area of Rockingham Co. Palser and his young family arrived in the Brocks Gap area, which was already inhabited by many German immogrants, about 1783.
Early records of Rockingham County, Virginia include,

1. 1785 Road record, mentioning Palser Shaver, the Doves, Kesters, Fitzwaters, Custers, etc.
2. 1801, tithe list shows Paulser Shaver, Whetzel, Ruble, and Feaster.
3. Personal Property Tax shows Paulser Shaver owned 3 horses, 6 cattle.

The Virginia Valley Records "Militia 'Voucher' List for 1788" shows Paulser Shaver with one titheable and 3 horses. A tithable was a taxable person.

At the settlement of the estate of Palser Shaver, in 1837 (he had died in 1831,) the following heirs were mentioned: Daniel & Mary Heavener, Martin & Catherine Wetzel; Frederick & Regina Shoemaker; Samuel & Susannah Price; widow, Catherine; Abraham; Peter & Magdaline Raderbaugh; Isaac; George; and Palser, Jr.
(Sources: Deeds and Diary of Elder John Kline, Church of the Brethren minister, from the book,
"The Balthasar Schaeffer Family" by Joan Shaver-Hill.)

For drawings by Joan Shaver-Hill, illustrating the Shaeffer/Shaver family history go to:

The Balthasar Schaeffer Family web site and additional pictures may be seen, with permission of the web site owner, at:
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