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A customfirearm should do many things. Most of all it must fit the owner, shootaccurately and be pleasing to the eye. It should be acollaboration between the owner and the builder and as such it should bea reflection of the owner's desires and the maker's skills. I prefer to meetwith the customer to discuss fit, style, finish and other details that are tobe incorporated into the final product. Whatever means of communication is used;I follow up with a written summary of my understanding of the details involvedand all costs involved before I begin.


I have a good supply of blanks on hand,however you may wish to supply your own wood. Selection of the stock blank is avery personal aspect of the process. I would suggest that you considerinvesting as much as you can into the wood since it can not be upgraded later.English walnut is the wood of choice for custom gun stocks for many goodreasons, the most important of which is that it will result in the best stockfor you.  I generally have my stocks cuton a duplicator to an oversize pattern that allows me to shape the stock toyour individual specifications.  Thissaves me time and you money in the end. Should you require that the stock be made from the blank without the useof a duplicator, there will be an additional charge.

The price list shown does notinclude the cost of the wood.










For the basic charge I will fityour barreled action in your stock blank, shape the wood to yourspecifications, and apply a hand rubbed oil finish and checker with a standardpoint pattern.  I will furnish and fitthe recoil pad, grip cap and standard sling swivel studs.  The standard stock furniture is describedbelow



Bolt Action Rifle




Two Piece Rifle or Shotgun


Sidelock Shotgun








The standard furniture includes aone or two screw grip cap, Pachmyr Decelerator padand custom ball shaped sling swivels. Options are as shown below and the prices includes the cost of the materials:


Leather covered Pad


Checkered Steel Butt Plate


Skeleton Butt Plate



Skeleton Grip Cap



Inletted Swivel Bases


Inletted Swivel Bases on a Pedestal


Ebony Fore end Tip



Hunting Knife made from

the same stock blank wood



and up





My standard checkering is a pointpattern at 22 lines per inch. There are 2 panels on the grip and a wrap aroundpanel on the forearm. Checkering options other than standard are additionalcost and are as follows:


Over the top grip pattern


Saddle panel on grip top


Ribbons in pattern








Other checkering can be estimated.




I am equipped to provide a slow rust blue for your metal.  This is the premier metal finish for customfirearms. It is very labor intensive but it provides the most durable finishavailable.  I have good out sources forcaustic bluing  ifthat is your preference.







Double Barrel






Deposit of 1/3 of the basic charge plus the cost ofoptional parts, materials and wood (If I supply) at placement of order. Thebalance is due at completion and prior to delivery. The deposit is nonrefundable after the work starts.


Prices are effective January 1, 2007.