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Environmental Forensics - 2nd Edition

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How the Atmosphere Affects Criminal Investigations & Other Professional Research 287pp

 -The Academic Version -

Environmental Forensics - Forensic Meteorology, 2nd Edition. For use in academic institutions.

This is the 2nd edition. The first edition offered online through PageFree Publishing at $19.95 is no longer available.

Forensic Meteorology is a miss-understood science by other forensic professionals and investigators. A cursory review of weather element can impact an investigation drastically.

 Micro-analysis of critical data by a Forensic Meteorologist can improve the outcome of the investigation in many professions. It's time other forensic professionals know what is available other than the high and low temperature for the day. The need for a course of this type is exploding but no one has a textbook available - until now! 

Meet the demands and make this part of your curriculum and add excitement to your teaching platform. This is the 2nd edition to a very popular book that is now designed for the atmospheric science, medical forensics & law enforcement academic audience (from 1st year to graduate level) and is currently being used at the University of Nevada, Reno. A DVD also accompanies the book (for educational institutions only) that will enhance the learning process with a real-live case played out on the History channel. See below for a Table of Contents from the 2nd edition.

Used by: Practicing meteorologists, broadcast meteorologists, Instructors- Graduate & Undergraduate Level, Pathologists, Entomologists, CSI, Underwater Search and Recovery, Scuba Divers, Underwater Archaeologists, Climatologists, Crime Scene Writers, Medical Examiners, Forensic Experts and many more.

Book Reviews

"Forensics - the new buzz word. Finding a compilation of topics on this new and fascinating field is not easy. Greg MacMaster has created a terrific book that introduces many topics in the complex and varied field of forensics. This is a 'must read' for anyone who has an interest in this rapidly emerging area. It is required reading for the 'Forensic Meteorology' class that I teach at the University of Nevada at Reno and I am sure it will soon be required in many other forensic courses across the nation. A great introduction to a fascinating study!

Elizabeth J. Austin, Ph.D., C.C.M.


WeatherExtreme Ltd.

 "As a consulting meteorologist, Mac Master’s book has been extremely helpful in my preparation of reports for law firms and insurance companies.  It's a great reference book for anyone interested in beginning work as a forensic meteorologist.  The book acts like a "Forensic Meteorology Reference Guide”, complete with tips on how to gather information and how to bill invoices to clients.  It was exactly what I needed when I was getting my forensic meteorology business off the ground and I'm extremely grateful he wrote it.  I can't wait for his next book!"  

Aaron Mentkowski, CBM

WKBW-TV Buffalo , New York , NY , USA


 “I have just gone through the Environmental Forensic book. I can say with some authority, this is an instant bestseller. Please have it published immediately. Forensic community would love to read it (besides of course people in the meteorology business.) Congratulations for publishing such a great work!”  

Dr. Anil Aggrawal is a professor of Forensic Medicine at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

 “The influence of temperature is the most important one to the object of my forensic focus: insects on corpses. This book may help as a starter not only to check for temperature but also for microclimatic changes in forensic entomology cases. It also stresses that interdisciplinary methods – i.e., experts from different fields working together, not one expert trying to become an expert in too many fields – that leads to truly successful understanding of what happened when and how on a scene of crime.”

Dr. Mark Benecke: Expert for Collection, Examination and scientific Interpretation of Biological stains from Crime Scenes. Certified Forensic Biologist, International Forensic research & consulting. Koln Germany.

ISBN 1-881877-14-1

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Plotting & Analyzing a Skew T Log-P Diagram


Forgot how to analyze the most basic indices now that you have relied on the computer program? Get back to the basics of how to analyze and operationally use the Skew-T and hodograph. Relying on computer technology has cost us the ability to retain basic analysis and forecasting techniques. 
This operational manual will walk the user through the entire process in an easy to understand format. A special section with 3x5 quick reference cards are included for field use. Instructions on use of hodograph also included. There is nothing like this on the market!
Excellent for distant learning curriculums, lab environment or 'On The Job' reference supplement. Skew-T Charts are sold separately and ordered below. Used by many who want to keep up their CEU credits for their AMS seal or other educational requirements. In use by Universities and Colleges for online education.
ISBN 1-881877-14-0
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Table of Contents - 2nd Edition


Table of Contents

Purpose:     Environmental Forensics                                 
Chapter 1   Forensic Meteorology                               
Chapter 2   Accessibility & Availability of Data       
Chapter 3   Legal Understanding, the Basics,          
Chapter 4   Pathology/Medical Examiner                  
Chapter 5   Entomology                                                 
Chapter 6   Forensic Toxicology  
Chapter 7   Nat'l Guidelines for Death Inv.  
Chapter 8   Aviation Accident Investigations  
Chapter 9   Construction Industry
Chapter 10 Dendrochronology – Tree Dating  
Chapter 11 Auto Accidents & Weather  
Chapter 12 Finding Drowning Victims  
Chapter 13 The Role of Hydrodynamics  
Chapter 14 Ghost Ship  
Chapter 15 Underwater Search & Recovery  
Chapter 16 Sample case files from archives  
Chapter 17 Resources, Links  

Skew-T Log P Diagram

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