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September Sunset


Mountain Gardens is one guy (Joe Hollis), 3 acres, 5 or 6 apprentices,
and a whole lot of unique projects, as they come available they
will become live links::

  • Overview of Mountain Gardens. What we’re all about.
  • Calendar. Upcoming events, workshops, etc. NEW FOR 2002!!!!
  • Paradise Gardening. A brief article outlining our philosophy.
  • Seed list. Seeds currently available for sale, from the garden or locally gathered.
  • Preservation and Conservation through Seed Collecting. An article..
  • Surplus plant list. Plants, rooted cuttings, divisions currently available for sale
  • Permaculture Seed & Plant Exchange. An extensive list of useful plants available from growers worldwide.
  • Apprenticeship program. Information for prospective apprentices.
  • Map of Mountain Gardens. Also, eventually, some pictures.
  • Chinese herb list (live). All the Chinese medicinal herbs growing at Mountain Gardens.
  • Plant index. A complete list of the useful plants growing at Mountain Gardens, with descriptive and cultural information.
  • Self-help Health Center. An introduction to our herb shop.
  • Fresh herb tinctures. A list of currently available tinctures of medicinal herbs grown at Mountain Gardens or locally gathered.
  • 120 medicinal herbs. Introduction to the list.
  • 120 medicinal herbs. Thumbnail description, cultural and propagation essentials and chief uses.
  • Chinese herb tinctures. A list of classic Chinese formulas, mostly tonics, available in tincture form.
  • Chinese herb list (dried). A list of the herbs stocked in our pharmacy, for sale seperately or as compound formulas.
  • Chinese herb list. A list of the herbs growing at Mountain Gardens.
  • Dry herb list. A list of herbs recently harvested and dried, from the garden or locally wildcrafted.
  • Packets of seeds available for 2000/2001: List 1; List 2
  • Fresh herb list. A list of herbs which can be harvested on demand and shipped fresh, for tincturing or other preparations.
  • Newsletters 1999: Page 1; Page 2
  • Visiting Mountain Gardens. Visitor policy, hours & directions, work/camp opportunities.
  • Ordering information.