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There are two cities with the name Dassow: Dassow, Germany (53° 55' 0.12"N, 10° 58' 59.88"E) and Dassow, Poland (54° 4' 59.88"N, 15° 52' 59.88"E). They are approximately 200 miles apart. Dassow, Poland has recently been renamed to Daszewo, Poland.

The name for Dassow, Germany is of Polish origin. The original name was "Dartzowe" which is Polish for thorn bush. Over the years the name changed to "Dartzow", "Darsowe", "Dassaw" and finally "Dassow". The city is probably named after the thorn bushes growing on rocky ground near the city. The city crest for Dassow, Germany is a castle gate with a thorn bush growing in it. The City of Dassow, Germany was founded in the year 968.

The Dassower Lake is adjacent to Dassow, Germany [translate] (Michelin map, Google map) . The town of Dassow in the district Nordwestmecklenburg is the only large settlement at the lake bank.

The Dassower Lake - a nearly locked side bay of the Travemuendung - lies northeast from Luebeck (Schleswig-Holstein) in direct proximity to the Baltic Sea.

It is not really a lake, but brackish water - a bay, which together with the Pötenitzer Wiek [translation] is separated from the open ocean and the Bay of Lübeck by the Priwall Peninsula. The approximately 8 km long Dassower lake has a funnel-like form, which narrows itself in the west (delta into the Trave) outgoing from the delta of the river Stepenitz [translation] in the east, again on approximately 300 m. The lake belonged to the city of Luebeck, and forms the border to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania . As homeland of approximately 30 kinds of ducks, the Dassower Lake is one of the largest bird protection areas of Germany. The lake provides refuge and is also an important racing and wintering area for Nordic water birds along with the two islands of Graswerder (Ploenswerder) and Roehrichtbestaenden. The entire bank range of the Dassower lake and the lake stand have been under protection of the European union since 1983.

Schloss Lütgenhof (Castle Lütgenhof) is situated on the banks of the Dassower Lake. Moritz von Paepcke designed and built this castle in 1839. Schloss Lütgenhof has been converted to a restaurant and hotel with 23 rooms.

The majority of Dassows in the United States live in Wisconsin with a large concentration in Medford, Wisconsin (map, city information). Trinity Lutheran Church is located at W5334 Dassow Avenue, Medford, WI 54451. There is also a Dassow Road in Medford, Wisconsin. There are approximately 187 Dassow households in the United States. Outside of the United States, Germany has the largest concentration of Dassows. There are few Dassow households outside of the United States and Germany: Two in Canada, two in Australia, seven in Great Britain and an unknown number in Brazil.

There was a Dassow School (historical) School in Livingston County, Illinois which is in Central Illinois. According to St. Paul's Luteran Church/125th anniversary: The Germanville church began meeting in a building known as the DASSOW SCHOOL in 1879. In 1901, a new building was constructed at a cost of $1,300, on land donated by the FROEDBE family. Older congregational members remember the big stove used to heat the building and the beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling that were lowered by ropes to light. this building still stands and serves as the Germanville Township Town Hall.

There is a Dassow Court in Alpharetta, Georgia.

According to PLACESNAMED.COM and the US Census Bureau Dassow is the 52,272nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 86.286 [SourceCBN]

The standard pronunciation of Dassow is [D AE1 S OW0 ] according to The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary and the Cool Dictionary.

Erwin Geschonneck plays Luden Dassow in the movie Tambari (1977).

A group of people with the last name of Dassow came to Brazil during the period of the colonization of the state of Rio Grande do Sul among 1830 to 1870,

The earliest recorded person with the last name of Dassow is Hinrich Dassow who was born about 1610 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin and died January 16, 1690 in Biestow. He married in 1640 and had five children including Hans Dassow.

Other early recorded persons with the last name of Dassow include:

Notable Dassows include:

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