One field of the EgaSavePtrRec points to an EgaVidParmsRec.  This
 structure is initialized by the video system BIOS.

  Offset Size Contents
   +0      1  bCrtClms     screen columns (e.g., 80)
   +1      1  bCrtRows     screen rows (e.g., 25)
   +2      1  bCrtPoints   height of character matrix (e.g., 14 or 8)
   +3      2  wCrtLen      size of video buffer, in bytes (e.g., 2000)
   +5      4  abSeqRegs    values for Sequencer regs 1-4         (port 3c5H)
   +9      1  bMiscOutReg  value of Miscellanous Output reg      (port 32cH)
  +0aH    25  abCrtcRegs   values for CRTC regs 00-18H           (port 3d5H)
  +23H    20  abAttrRegs   values for Attrib Ctrlr regs 00-13H   (port 3c0H)
  +37H     9  abGfxRegs    values for Graphics Ctrlr regs 0-8    (port 3cfH)
          64               size of an EgaVidParmsRec

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