INT 1aH 04H: Read Date from Real-Time Clock


 Expects: AH    04H


 Returns: AH    0

          CH    century, in BCD^ (19H ... 20H)

          CL    year, in BCD     (00H ... 99H)

          DH    month, in BCD    (i.e., 01H=Jan ... 12H=Dec)

          DL    day, in BCD      (00H ... 31H)

          CF    NC (0) clock operating

                CY (1) clock not operating or busy being updated


    Info: Obtains the current date from the battery-backed CMOS Real-Time


          Return values are in BCD^; for instance, CX = 1998H = 1998.

          The BIOS avoids reentrancy by not returning the date if the clock

          happens to be in the process of being updated.  Thus, if CF is

          set on return, you should try a few more times before giving up.

See Also: INT 1aH (BIOS Time I/O)

          DOS fn 2aH (get system date)

          ROM-BIOS Functions