INT 1fH: CGA Graphics Character Font Pointer

 This vector (0:007c) is a pointer to a table of Font Definition Data that

 defines ASCII characters 128-255 (80H-ffH) that will be used to display

 text (via INT 10H 0eH et al.) while in graphics mode.

 The oldest CGA video systems do not provide definitions for these

 characters.  On these systems, characters 128-255 (when in graphics modes)

 are displayed as random dots unless you install your own table at the

 INT 1fH vector.

   Notes:  On CGAs, text-mode font data is inaccessible.

           EGA/VGA systems provide access to all font data.  They

            automatically set INT 1fH to point to a table in ROM.

 See Font Definition Data for a layout of this data.  The CGA BIOS expects

 these character to be eight dots high (eight bytes per character).

See Also: INT 43H (EGA/VGA Graphics Character Font Pointer)

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