Power-On Error Codes

 When power is first applied to the system, the POST BIOS code checks the

 CPU, Keyboard, and various controllers and when it encounters an error, it

 typically beeps and displays an error code and a brief message.

 The earliest PCs, Xt, and ATs displayed a simple error code number and

 left you wondering what happened.  Later BIOSes provide more info, but

 often use the same numbering convention as shown below.

█ŢBeep CodesŮ█

  No beeps, no display:        Power failure

  Continuous beeps:            Power failure

  Repeating short beeps:       Power failure

  One short beep:              Display failure

  One long, two short beeps:   Display failure

  One long, three short beeps: EGA display failure

█Ţ100s: MotherboardŮ█

  101     Interrupt failure

  102     Timer failure

  103     Timer interrupt failure

  104     Protected mode failure

  107     Hot non-maskable interrupt (NMI) test

  108     Timer bus test failure

  109     Direct Memory Access (DMA) failure

  110     Motherboard memory

  111     Adapter memory

  112,113,166  Adapter in system unit

  121     Hardware interrupts

  151     Defective battery

  152     Real-time clock

  161     Battery failure

  162,165,199 System options not set correctly; run setup

  163     Time and date not set correctly

  164     Memory size error

█Ţ200s: MemoryŮ█

  xxyyy yyzz 201 Bad Chip (note: code IDs chip, but differs for

          various BIOSes, makes, and models

  201,202 Memory test failed

  203,215 Memory address error

  216     Motherboard memory

█Ţ300s: Keyboard ErrorsŮ█

  301     Improper keyboard response or stuck key

  302     User-indicated error from keyboard test or AT keylock locked

  303     Keyboard or system

  341     Replace keyboard

  342     Replace interface cable

  343     replace enhancement card or cable

█Ţ400s: Monochrome MonitorŮ█

  401     MDA video memory, horizontal sync, or video test failed

  408,416,424  User-indicated display attributes failure

  432     Parallel port test failed

█Ţ500s: Color MonitorŮ█

  501     Video memory, horizontal sync, or video test failed

  408,516,424,532,540,548  User-indicated attribute or mode failure

█Ţ600s: Diskette DriveŮ█

  601     Diskette power-on diagnostics failed

  602     Boot record not valid

  603     Diskette size error

  606     Diskette verify

  607     Write protected

  608     Bad command diskette status

  610     Diskette initialization

  611     Time out

  612     Bad controller

  613,614 Direct memory access (DMA)

  621     Bad seek

  622     Bad cyclic redundancy (CRC)

  623     Record not found

  624     Bad address mark

  625     Bad controller seek

  626     Diskette data compare

  627     Diskette change line

  628     Diskette removed

█Ţ600s: Math CoprocessorŮ█

  701     Coprocessor test failed

█Ţ900s: Parallel Printer Adapter LPT1Ů█

  901     Parallel printer adapter failure

█Ţ1000s: Parallel Printer Adapter LPT2Ů█

  1001    Alternate Parallel printer adapter failure

█Ţ1400s: PrinterŮ█

  1401    Printer test failed

  1404    Dot Matrix printer test failed

█Ţ1700s: Hard DiskŮ█

  1702    Time out error

  1703    Seek error

  1704    Disk adapter error

  1705    No record found

  1706    Write fault error

  1707    Track 0 error

  1708    Head select error

  1709    Defective error check

  1710    Read buffer overrun

  1711    Bad address mark

  1712    Undetermined error

  1713    Data compare error

  1714    Drive not ready

  1780,1790 Disk 1 failure or error

  1781,1791 Disk 2 failure or error

  1782    Disk adapter error

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