Interactive Boot


                                   │F8 ║


                          and (cmd)?= processing.


  These features of DOS 6.0+ provide interactive control over execution of

  individual CONFIG.SYS commands.  DOS 6.2: Ctrl+F8 lets you control

  execution of individual commands in AUTOEXEC.BAT.

  During the System Startup Sequence, the message...

     Starting MS-DOS...

  ...appears and the system pauses for 2 seconds.  If you press F8 at this

  point, DOS displays...

     MS-DOS will prompt you to confirm each CONFIG.SYS command.

  ...and then prompts with...

     (command) [Y,N]?

  ...before executing each command.  Press Y to execute it or N to skip it.

  After the last command in CONFIG.SYS, DOS prompts with...

     Process AUTOEXEC.BAT [Y,N]?

  ...and you can skip AUTOEXEC.BAT by pressing Y.

    Note: With DOS 6.2+, if you start with Ctrl+F8, you will be prompted

          for action on each command in AUTOEXEC.BAT as well as CONFIG.SYS.

          This step-by-step batch processing can also be used with any

          batch file using the new COMMAND.COM syntax:

              Command /Y /C myBat.Bat

█ŢSkipping individual commandsŮ█

  You can place a question mark (?) after any CONFIG.SYS command to force

  DOS to verify whether you want to execute the command.  For instance...


 ...will cause DOS to display...


 ...and you can press Y to execute it or N to skip it.

See Also: Clean Boot

          MultiConfig Menus

          SWITCHES= (/N disables Clean Boot; /F skips the 2-second delay)