MultiConfig Menus

 A feature in DOS 6.0+ supports multiple configuration sets.  You can

 display a menu of options and, depending upon the selection, execute

 different parts of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.


 [MENU]       Identify the beginning of the startup menu.

 MENUITEM=    Define text to display in a menu and identify a block of

              commands to be executed when that option is selected.

 MENUDEFAULT= Set a default option and a time-out value.

 MENUCOLOR=   Set text and background colors for the menu display.

 SUBMENU=     Identify a menu item as a submenu.


 INCLUDE=     Execute the commands in another block and resume executing

              the commands in the current block.

 NUMLOCK=     Set the initial state of keyboard NumLock.  This

              facilitates using the arrow keys for making a selection.

 SET          Create an environment variable for possible use in

              AUTOEXEC.BAT or other batch files.

 SWITCHES=    The /N switch disables F8 (Interactive Boot) and F5

              (Clean Boot).  /F tells DOS to skip the normal 2-second

              delay before starting to execute CONFIG.SYS.


 [COMMON]     Identify a series of commands that will be executed

              regardless of which configuration menu option is chosen

              (Note: Commands above the first menu are considered to be

              part of a [COMMON] block).

 [blockName]  Identify the beginning of a series of CONFIG.SYS commands

              or the start of a submenu.

 CONFIG       An environment variable that gets set to the blockName of

              the selected menu item.  Use this to run specific commands

              in AUTOEXEC.BAT, depending upon the chosen configuration.

 REM or ;     Lines beginning with a semicolon (;) or REM are ignored.

 cmd?=        A question mark (?) before the equal sign (=) sign in any

              CONFIG.SYS command causes DOS to prompt and allow you to

              skip that command.

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